amiibo Link The Twilight Princess Review

Love this amiibo. Great value for cost! My daughter is going to love this. Would recommend this seller. I bought it for a friend and he enjoyed it. It came in good condition and it worked well on his Switch. This is a great item any Twilight Princess fan will love this amiibo. My one and only issue is that Link’s arm wasn’t attached to his body. I think it was a manufacturing issue due to the fact that the box was in pristine condition, so collectors, this might be the perfect place to buy. All it took was some superglue and Link was ready to battle! My baby boy loved this! Good product, but it’s just the figurine and doesn’t come with the prepackaged box. I love it! Even though I do not keep them in the box, it came in great shape if you are worried about that. I collect The Legend of Zelda Amiibos to use for Breath of the Wild and it works great! This Amiibo looks great and functions the way it is intended. It looks great and I don’t see any flaws. Link sits next to Corrin and Captain Falcon on my desk. Side note: a lot of these Amiibos are overpriced. If you’re willing to pay double the MSRP price, it is worth it in my opinion. It’s just disappointing. Works well as an amiibo with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This amiibo is exactly what I wanted! Super fast shipping, like I had this in my hands within 3 days of placing the order. The box came in great condition also. Only one thing to note, the Japanese import was shown on the listing, and I got an English version (which suits me better anyways). It is so pretty, I may not open it, even though I want Epona in BOTW and TOTK. No regrets. Toujours aussi satisfait. Amiibo super sympa. Les détails sont très bien faits pour une figurine d’environ 10cm et fait à la chaine. La livraison depuis le Japon est ultra rapide. Marqué pour le 28 aout et le 9 septembre, j’ai reçu le colis le 18 aout!! Et emballage nickel. Fonctionne très bien sur les Wii/Switch française, par contre pour les collectionneur c’est bof bof: toutes les ecritures de la boite sont en japonais. C’est un détail 🙂 Prix abordable car introuvable dans le commerce français, se vendrai en magasin à 17e environ, là je l’ai payé un peu moins de 30e. C’est raisonnable par rapport aux autres vendeurs qui les propose à 40 voir 60 euros! With the Link Skyward Sword and the Majora’s Mask, it’s the most rare. Recompense en jeu Zelda BotW: -Equipements du Crépuscule (tete, torse, jambes, pieds) -Epona -Diverses choses comme des fruits, des armes et des fleches. Compatible: Miitopia, Pikmin, fire emblem, mariokart 8, Animal crossing NL, poochy Wooly world, metroid prime; mario&sonic J.O 2016, maison de la mode, kirby robobot, mini amrio&friends, Zelda TP HD, puzzle powgi, marioparty 10, Amiibo Tap, Captain Toad, Hyrule warior; SuperSmash Bros. (pour certains jeu, il est possible que l’amiibo sauvegarde certaines données). Check Price

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