Best Audio-Technica Open-Ear Headphones

When it comes to the world of audio equipment, there are only a very few companies that can come close to the reputation that Audio-Technica holds over the market. Whether you are a studio monitor, an audiophile sitting days in the lab working, or simply an enthusiast who likes their audio to sound good, Audio Technica has something for everyone. The perfect combination of performance and dependability, the audio products follow beauty and pattern that make it so that you can just close your eyes and trust the brand. 

So when it comes to buying yourself the perfect pair of open Ear or Open back headphones, why look anywhere else? Here is the list of the best Audio Technica Open Ear headphones and Audio-Technica open-back headphones, to make sure that you don’t have to settle for anything but the best!

Best Audio-Technica Open Ear / Open Back Headphones

1. Audio Technica Audiophile ATH-AD2000X Open-Air Headphones

Virtually unknown outside the world of audiophiles and enthusiasts of the Vintage headphones collection, the ATH-AD2000X is something of a mystery when it comes to the unique perfection of sound and brilliance of balance. 

During the time of its inception, the ATH-AD2000X was known to have one of the best, fastest, and most technically amazing dynamic drivers in the entire market. For a long period of time, the sound experience of the headphones was arguably unchallenged by the competitors! 

Talking about the looks of the headphones, your eyes will immediately be attracted by the alluring design, the brilliant choice of material, and of course the way it perfectly envelops the head. The round earcups of the device complete with open grills which will show the driver from the back, the entire look and feel of the device is futuristic and metallic. Complete with the ecsaine earpads and the brilliantly elegant blue-black metal around the earcups, this is definitely one to show in your collection.

Talking about the construction quality and the durability challenge of the headphones, in simple terms, this is definitely a well-built device made to stand the challenge of time. Earning the nickname of Air Dynamic, the overall weight of the headphones doesn’t play out too heavily on the neck. Overall, when we talk about the build of the device, we don’t have any problems as far as durability is concerned. 

The comfort of the device is definitely an important thing to consider before spending your hard-earned money, and with the ATH-AD2000X we can definitely say that it is money well spent. The typical suspension headphones will make sure that they are secured on your head without having to reset them again, even while talking about the longer durations. 

Coming to the most important part, the sound, well, it is something that not many headphones can boast. Coming with a very particular toning and tuning, you will witness a sharp boost in the upper midrange, and at the same time, you will find that the ATH-AD2000X will lend an edge and find a more focus driven work towards the vocals. All in all, though they are easily capable of qualifying as a mid-fi dynamic headphone, in a normal listening session, the sound doesn’t sound anything other than crystal clear. One thing that we would want to mention in the review, however, is that the ATH-AD2000X is made for people who enjoy a more neutral and subtle tonality and might not be the best choice when it comes to bass heavy genres. 

So, all in all, we can say that as the Blue cheese, the ATH-AD2000X is something of an acquired taste, but you have to try it once before you move on!

To quickly have a look back on the review, let us go through the list of Pros and cons!


  • Amazingly detailed, and still rich sound complete with a tight audible bass
  • Brilliant wearing comfort, especially for longer durations
  • The mid-range focus allows to quickly shuffle between percussion and fast music making it the best in terms of the critical music listening
  • A natural tone of sound balance


  • Compacted sound staging
  • The sound might not be as clear in critical listening

2. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones

If you fancy yourself as a professional level listener but are more of an actual enthusiast, then the Audio Technica ATH-R70x is the device that you should buy. Though originally designed for professional use, it was embraced by a much larger audience, as it accidentally made it big on social media platforms like YouTube. 

Though they have been part of the market space for a long time the company has not put in much effort in advertising it. Without any beating bass or thumping excitement in the sound balance, you will know the first time you put them on, that they are just something else. 

Talking about the look of the device, they follow a very unique pattern of thin metal mesh on the outside of each ear cup and a comfortable plush interior made for long comfortable listening. If we talk about the device without any cable, it is probably one of the lightest on this list of the best Audio-Technica open-ear headphones. One of the most liked parts about these headphones is probably how they are not clunky or bulky to wear but instead just simply sit with your face without protruding out from the side, giving a decent wearing look for you!

Another interesting thing about the product is the perforated cup design, which essentially means that they are acoustically transparent. In simple words, this means that you would hear the sound in the headphones just the way your ears would perceive the normal sounds. 

Talking about the durability, though the ATH-R70x is definitely a lightweight product, that is definitely not a commentary on how long they would last. In fact, the Audio-Technica brand does use specially prepared composite material to make sure that the headband has all the strength and stability that it needs. No creaks, no cracks!

When we talk about the sound of the ATH-R70x, it is something that you just can’t explain in simple words. Working on the virtue of self-effacement, sitting down, and waiting to be wowed by this device would definitely not be the correct step. These are the kind of headphones that you could just put on and sit back to listen to the sound. The natural working, the beauty of sound balance, and just unadulterated sound recreation give your music its own natural flourish. However, this brilliance of work is again something that will take getting used to, but trust us, once you do, you would never be satisfied by anything less ever!

Still not too sure about the ATH-R70x? Well, let us help you to make that decision with our list of pros and cons for the product!


  • One of the most natural-sounding headphones in the whole market
  • Clean, crisp, and perfect sound quality and volume
  • A lightweight device meant to be used for an extended duration of time
  • Minimalistic look that would not protrude out of the side of your face
  • Amazing construction design and material making it a durable friend. 


  • Earpads may prove smaller for people with bigger heads
  • A requirement of an additional powerful amp for the bass-heavy genres

3. Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD1000X Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

The perfect combination of superior vocal and instrumental reproduction with the soundstage of an open-air ear cup design, the AUD AD1000X is another of the Best Open Back Headphones under the wing of the Audio-Technica brand name. With an air of sophistication surrounding their build and name, these headphones are something of the legend in terms of naming and popularity. 

The build of the headphones follows the Audio-Technica ideal look, with the headband consisting of 2 separate pieces that are comprising of plastic and is stabilized with a spring located on the base of the handle. With plush bedding of foam located on the cups and a small mesh located on the outside of the earcups, you can immediately recognize the brand with the look. 

Talking about the comfort of these headphones, there is a bit of work that needs to be put in to make the experience flawless. Though there is sufficient padding and good support for the head to get the headphones settled, the headband can prove to be really tight in the initial use. There have even been complaints about the headbands not being able to afford the resistance to take the weight off the neck. This means, that if you are planning for long listening sessions, then this product might not be the best choice, at least for the initial few sittings. 

What the AUD AD1000X loses in terms of the comfort complaints, it wins back with the brilliance of the sound quality! Complete with a really brilliant and vast soundstage, you would actually feel transferred by the music playing in your ear, with the ability to understand and make out the directions of the sound with each separate instrument. The highs of the device are simply very pleasing to hear and are really a welcome change from the predecessor. Even the horns and the cymbals sound really clean and easy to express themselves.

The mids of the device is where the AUD AD1000X wins the cake! A simple brilliance of sound makes it such an enjoyable experience to enjoy the vocals and the naturalness of the mids that most of the entries on this list of the best Audio-Technica open-back headphones have missed. With the sublime tones on the mids, let’s move on to the bass. Though audibly present it is not very pronounced, maintaining the subtle outlook of the entire sound balance. This simply means that if you are a fan of heavy bass genres like death metal, then these are simply not made for you. On the whole, the sound of these headphones is one place where they can compete with any new entry in the market right now, and easily take the lead

Let’s quickly recollect the review with this list of pros and cons. 


  • A brilliantly beautiful mids section 
  • Build with durable material which can stand the test of time
  • Pleasant and enchanting highs


  • Extremely tight headband initially
  • Bad designing when it comes to head support
  • Unmoving earcups not allowing any wiggle room
  • Nondetachable cables. 

4. Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X Open-Back Audiophile

Though it may look like a simple revamped version of its predecessor, the ATH-AD900, the 9000x is simply so much more than that! These headphones with their gigantic honeycomb earcups are some of the best open-back headphones in the market, and let’s find out how!

Let us start with the aesthetic looks. With almost comically large earcups with a beautiful honeycomb cover that introduces the drivers, these headphones are definitely ones that will turn heads. With a headband completely out of the design, you will now work with the hassle-free 3D wind support system, but it is not something you need to worry about as the users have been happy. 

Now even with this unique look, once you step out of the room and look among people, you will not find many people wearing the ATH-AD900x outside, simply because they are an indoor product. Wearing it out in the public would not only be too cumbersome but will also draw a lot of attention. 

Moving on to the durability of the product, you will find that the headphones are mostly made out of entirely plastic. Now, this is where things get a little tricky. So since the entire frame is made out of plastic, along with the head wings, without any headband, this can be a rather delicate product to handle. This means, that though it is really comfortable, the process of putting it on and taking it off has to be nothing short of meticulous. 

Talking about comfort, well, these headphones have it just right. With an overall plastic design, these headphones are not only lightweight but are able to do so with a substantial layer of padding to make your long hours with the headphones a little batter. Along with this, the velour cover earcups make sure that your ears don’t end up getting sweaty during your use. The only thing to get used to with the ATH-AD900x is the lack of a headband, but trust us, the novelty would wear off soon. 

Moving on to the aural performance of the headphones, well, in simple words we are impressed. One of the best parts of the headphones is the Soundstage which is the perfect combination of height, width, and depth providing you an experience so immersive that you would literally be transported with the media, making it a perfect partner for gaming and immersive multimedia. The sound, however, is not such a big leap forward when it comes to the comparison with the previous model. Having said this, there are some notable changes in the bass with a deeper and more extended recreation which doesn’t kill the detail and sharpness of the sound in favor of the volume. However, the problems occur when the mid-bass and treble are concerned as they have been both turned down. This gives the whole sound a little ‘airy’ feel which in not terms is bad, but is again a taste that is only preferred with a section of the audience. So if you are planning to buy the ATH-AD900x, make sure you are aware of the sound feel!

To find if ATH-AD900x is the product for your ears, let us have a look at the pros and cons: 


  • Brilliant staging of sound
  • Amazing product for gaming and cinematic viewing
  • Really comfortable device to wear for an extended duration
  • Perfect weight balance, not crashing everything on the ear


  • There is no headband included in the device making the headphones fragile
  • The sound is airy which might not suit everybody’s taste. 

5. Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset

If you are a pro gamer, or simply an enthusiast in the world of digital sports, it would really be a shock if you are unaware of the Audio-Technica brand, and the ATHPDG1 is just another example of how good the company is at making headphones that change the way of listening.

One of the most unique features about the headphones is probably the look! Along with no buttons put in the ear cups, and a honeycomb grill on the earcups, these headphones would definitely never be confused with another pair. 

The build material is mostly plastic with a small look of glossy flash scattered scarcely here and there on the entire surface. However, this is definitely not a cause of worry for the metal mountings and the screws that are holding everything in place are the living example of how solid the headphones really are. In simple terms, the ATHPDG1 is easy to handle, flexible to use, and simply durable; just put it in a bag and forget the kind of durable!

One of the most important things in gaming, beyond of course the sound experience of the product is the comfort of donning it and the ATHPDG1 is another win on that case. The padded headband along with the adjustable sliders will make sure that the headphones would not only distribute the pressure around your headsets equally around your head but will also make sure that the ATHPDG1 will fit your just according to your head! Another one of the most celebrated features of the device is the additional mic to make online conversations easier to have. All in all, these headphones are made keeping the comfort of a gamer in mind. 

Moving on to the audio experience, we found that this is where the ATHPDG1 disappoints a little. Considering the strong reputation of Audio-Technica’s brilliance in creating brilliant sounding devices, we found that these headphones don’t have the trademark open-back sound experience. 

The headset comes along with a distinct lack of bass, being one of the major factors in drumming down the excitement of online gaming in a single blow. This narrow sound palette along with the open back design means that there can be a lot of noise leakage along with the playback. This ambient sound will not only disturb you while playing your game but will also give an underwhelming sound performance which is simply not justified with the tag. 

To have a quick review of the ATHPDG1, let us take a look at the list of pros and cons: 


  • Comfortable and light design made for use for an extended period. 
  • Solid and durable design 
  • Interchangeable and detachable audio cables


  • Unimpressive sound quality
  • Narrow sound palette
  • No Customisable audio
  • USB compatibility is not available

6. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones

If you consider yourself more of a housecat and don’t see yourself using your headphones outside a lot, then the ATH-AD700X is just the perfect buy for your needs. The huge design of the product will not allow you to take these headphones out for a walk or simply to step out, mainly because of the little preposterous design. 

The size though may be a problem in setting out, it works in the favor of giving the perfect headroom for all sizes of head. Complete with the ‘self-adjusting 3D Wing Support’ as stated by Audio Technica, they are designed to be flexible enough to settle according to any and every size of heads of the user.

Though it might feel, seeing the size of the earcups and the headphones in general that they will keep slipping down from your ear, in reality, that is not going to happen. However, having said this, there is a little work required in the springs located at the bottom of the flaps for a more secure hold. Along with this, the open ear design and the amazingly soft earpads are comfortable and airy for extended use. This along with the lightweight build made sure that ATH-AD700X has its name on the list of the best Audio-Technica open ear headphones!

Taking a leap towards the sound performance, well you would be pleasantly surprised with a beautifully airy and open sound field with a brilliant structure of sound staging! As open-back headphones are known to be typically more spacious than the alternatives, the company has totally used this design to their advantage. An amazing combination of detail along with a great set of human aural understanding and experience is something that does win the entire battle of sale for the ATH-AD700X. 

If you sit down and listen to complex compositions of sound, you can get a brilliant sense of distance and depth between the instruments and the clean-cut detail as you are enjoying your song, and that is something that advocated the entire clarity and audibility argument. One thing to note here however is that the treble can sound just a little harsh at times, not enough to make you wince, but a little sharp nonetheless! But on the whole, the sound is not only good, but it is also good enough for the price tag attached to the pair of headphones. 

To make sure that you have all the points of the review down with you, let us have a quick view of the pros and cons of the ATH-AD700X. 


  • Amazingly spacious and open sound stage
  • No compromise on the detail of sound
  • Good work on the dynamics
  • Crystal clear and crisp sound
  • Lightweight device for longer use
  • A flexible fit that takes the shape of your head. 


  • A harsh treble
  • Slight work is required on the agility and precision
  • Bass needs to be tauter. 


Even dealing with amazing brand names like Audio-Technica, it is really important to have a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of their features. These should fit in perfectly with your list of needs to get you the device you desire. So read our reviews carefully before you go ahead with the wrong purchase. Happy shopping!

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