Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Are you tired of interrupted songs but don’t want to have a heavy set of headphones on your head? Then we have the perfect product for you!

With the passage of time and the development of technology, even the items of personal use like headphones have come a long way. With daily new additions of features developing on the like style, quality, and comfort according to your liking; Bluetooth has emerged to be an extremely popular feature too. Since their inception a while back, wireless working headphones have been in the spotlight for some time now. With the evolution of technology and biotechnology, multiple types of specialized wireless headphones have been introduced in the market. Stealing the limelight however the bone conduction headphones.

Best bone conduction headphones will provide you space to go on with your daily life without a heavy constriction of heavy load earphones while not compromising on the sound at all. A beauty of technology, these headphones do work to provide the best of both the worlds!

Having said that the bone conduction headphones are not meant for everyone and may require you to form a taste of working with it. But before we get into that, let us first understand how the bone conduction headphones work.

How do Bone Conduction Headphones work? 

The working of headphones is not all that simple as you might think. With a lot dependent on the way sound interacts with our ears. Though most of the external sound that we conceived is by the transmission through the air in our eardrums, the technology of the bone conduction earphones works with transmission sound directly through the vibrations on the bones of the head and the jaw

In simple terms, the headphones bypass the eardrum entirely and conduct the sound directly to the middle ear. Inspired by the BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aids) these headphones will make the perfect balance between the sound in your earphone along with the ambient sounds with any disturbance. 

Unlike all its contemporaries, the bone conduction earphones are designed to sit on the outside of your ear leaving the ear canal open to the ambient sound while also transmitting the sound from the headphones. This will make sure that you will always be aware of your surroundings making them a perfect thing for avid runners, walkers, and even cyclists and even swimmers, depending on the design and style.

10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones 

1. AfterShokz Aeropex

Main Features:

  • 8 Hours battery life
  • IP67 rating makes these fully sweat and waterproof
  • Reliable connectivity up to 33 ft (10m)

Pushing the boundaries of open ear listening, with the premium pitch 2.0+, the Aftershokz Aeropex will help you cut the weight and realign your listening with its amazing design. 

Perfectly angled transducers to ensure the optimal placement on the cheekbones, these bone conduction headphones are here to deliver an even more dynamic bass, higher volume with minimum vibration. 

Redefine your listening with a simple yet elegant new design meant to provide you the perfect combination of portability, durability, safety, and of course enhanced sound quality all under just one umbrella! Talk about brilliance.

With a promise of the best sound yet, this re-engineered technology delivers the wildest dynamic stereo sound bone conduction can offer!

Along with this, these headphones are with you in the longer run, with 8 hours of uninterrupted battery life giving you the unadulterated joy of music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long!

Weighing less than an ounce and delivering amazing quality of sound, the thing that earns the AfterShokz Aeropex its place in the list of 10 best bone conduction headphones is the IP67 rating. With a complete sweatproof and waterproof design, the Aeropex is now ready to take on the toughest nature has to offer.


  • Extremely comfortable for long days
  • Extremely portable and lightweight design fitting into your day perfectly
  • A completely stable fit for every type of sports
  • Improved bass response


  • Vibrations of the transducers might be annoying
  • Not recommended for lap swimming

2. AfterShokz Titanium

AfterShokz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphone

Main Features:

  • 6-Hour battery life
  • IP55 Water resistant
  • Boosted bass and reduced vibration on-the-go

Another favourite of the Aftershokz hall of fame, the titanium open ear wireless bone conduction headphones have proven to be an excellent Bluetooth product for people just stepping into the world of open-ear headphone.  

Unlike your daily use of headphones dangling from your pockets, the titanium doesn’t work by going inside or over your ears. This means that the problem of two places at one time can be solved! Listen to your music or attend your calls while still maintaining a clear awareness of your surrounding. What can be better than this?

Designed keeping athletes in mind, these headphones are a brilliant partner in the race of daily life as well thanks to the premium audio quality and crystal clear calling. 

Make or take calls without any interruption with the dual noise-canceling mics and hand-free operation. Calling has never been easier!

And what’s more, these IP55 rated headphones make sure that they are protected by any nasty trick the weather can play. A brilliant, dust resistant and water-resistant device, make sure that nothing can stop your success.

Say goodbye to sore and sweaty ears with this bud-free listening device that will make sure that you can never be satisfied with less than perfect ever again!


  • Comfortable to wear for longer durations
  • Comfortable for every sport as it is made keeping athletes in mind.


  • Can prove to be a tight fit on a larger head.

3. Bone Conduction Headphones by Vidonn

Bone Conduction Headphones by Vidonn

Main Features:

  • 6-Hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Bring Fast and Stable connection
  • 2 hours full charged
  • British CSR bluetooth chip, support APTX

Allow your ears to rediscover the beauty of sound with this brilliant new addition in the list by Vidonn. Strong, stable Bluetooth connection coupled along with the natural sound quality will help you live out every sound your hear. 

With an open ear design, this amazing friend will make sure that your listening is not muffled by any ambiance disturbance while still giving you enough space to know your surroundings! What can be better than that?

With an ergonomically streamlined design, this device is meant for comfortable and stable wearing. So whether you want to take it out for running, riding, or even biking you will not be disappointed. 

A flexible titanium design coupled along titanium alloy backbone, making this soft & durable Backbone flexible and comfortable to wear almost immediately. 

With comfortable wear and a brilliant device, this amazing piece of technology comes with a long and durable battery life coupled with a brilliant water and sweat resistant making. So, whether you are on a run or just running the day, these headphones are the perfect partner you were looking for.


  • Amazing wearing comfort, making it a durable friend in the long days
  • A budget-friendly option for people who don’t spend much but want the best.
  • An easy switch between listening to music and taking a call
  • 1-year complete warranty


  • The sound and bass are less dynamic than the contemporaries
  • No protective bag/storage bag
  • There is no mention of Sweat proof or water resistance

4. Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone

Main Features:

  • Up to 6 Hours of Playback Time
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Sweatproof

Just because you want to listen to your music everywhere you go doesn’t mean you want to miss out on the people, work, or space around you by blocking it all out. Choose Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones that will provide you an uncomparable open-ear technology to give you high-fidelity sound that only you can ear and without limiting the natural sounds in your area.

A device that does it all this little device has come to redefine the perfection of sound and the subjectivity of use.  Perfect for your office, traveling, running, and living life on the go, these premium Bluetooth headphones with built-in microphones give you the ability to listen to your favorite tunes without missing a moment.

Designed keeping the needs of a modern working person, these bone conduction earphones are not only sweat-proof and dustproof but also provides you the amazing chance to give your daily life background music. A comfortable design accompanied by niche audio quality, this is the jackpot of bone conduction headphones that will change your listening forever.


  • Amazing adaptation according to your head making it comfortable to wear for long hours
  • The brilliant sound quality in a silent and moderately noisy environment.
  • Crystal call reception making for a perfect call buddy without tiring out your hands


  • Certain people may not like the vibrations over a certain sound limit
  • Not that functional in a loud environment

5. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphones

Main Features:

  • 6-Hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • IP55 Water-Resistant 

Another prodigy of the Aftershokz company, the Trekz Titanium mini bone conduction is the perfect bridge between the virtual and the real world. With a close to nature sound and a brilliant ever-aware design, these headphones make sure that you don’t miss out on anything in your life. 

Titanium Mini measures 1 inch shorter than Titanium, providing a secure fit for those with smaller or narrower head sizes. This provides an alternative to the original for people who would like their earphones to be sleek. 

However, what earns them the spot on the list of best bone conduction headphones is their amazing design that will allow you to find the perfect balance between life and work without having any problem switching between the two. 

With an amazing width of Bluetooth connection from the device connected, the Aftershokz Trkez titanium mini is compatible with any device sitting at your homes. Designed with athletes in mind, these secure and sweatproof headphones will keep you company for 6+ hours with premium audio and crystal clear calls.


  • Farthest Bluetooth connection width with the connected device
  • Easily compatible with a number of devices
  • Can drown out outside disturbance if needed
  • The controller on the left ear for convenient playing and pausing


  • Not adjustable to the head shape

6. Monodeal Bone Conduction Headphones

Main Features:

  • Battery life up-to 5 hours
  • built-in microphone and Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP55 Water-Resistant & Anti-Falling
  • One click to play / pause, one click to answer / end call

If comfort and convenience had a face it would look a lot like this spicy little number by Monodeal. Designed to be especially frail and soft, these ear companions are meant to give you the utmost comfort of listening

An especially great deal for the sports enthusiasts, these headphones will make sure that you don’t miss out on any single beat. With the top of the line, audio design and a brilliant, crisp, and clear sound of both the music and calls, they act like the best combination of both the worlds.

The silicone in the headphones is meant to wrap around the back of your head, making sure that your headphones don’t slip even when you are running. Not just this, the 6-hour battery life means you will not have to worry about any long zoom meeting ever again. 

With a finger-sensitive touch on the side to control your music and answer calls at the same time, just one finger is enough to control everything without having to fumble for your phone every time

Super light & soft adhesive fit design. Suitable for all-day wear, the ergonomic design delivers increased comfort, design for sports enthusiasts.


  • Simple and portable design making it easier to carry in even the smallest of bags
  • A brilliant design that fits upon your head nicely
  • Designed for athletes these headphones are sweat-proof
  • Brilliant for running, cycling, gyming and even driving


  • Can prove problematic for people with larger heads

7. Vape Only bone conduction headphones

Main Features:

  • In Ear Headphones
  • 5-Hour battery life
  • sturdy and sweat proof

A perfect partner for everything from your morning run to your long zoom meetings at night, these headphones are a value for the money. With a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, you don’t need to deal with the additional wires for the perfect voice transmission anymore. 

With a no cram design, simply place these next to your ears and hear everything without having to compromise on anything. Your phone, your music, and the surrounding around you all in one simple device. What can be better than that?

With a sweat-proof construction accompanied with a sleek design, these are the headphone you would want to take along on all the bike rides, hikes, and even treks. 

With a battery life of more than 5 hours, you would not have to worry about the constant beeping of low battery. An amazing product, designed to make your life better.


  • Amazing sound quality with an always-aware design that helps you keep in touch with your surrounding
  • Sleek design fitting to your head
  • A perfect fit for all outdoor activities


  • Not easy to pack
  • Higher pure tones

8. Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones by Pyle

Main Features:

  • 200 MAh rechargeable battery
  • IPX6 water-resistant – smart for outside fitness, workout, running, sports, cycling
  • Comfortable Wrap-Around Style
  • Wireless Range: 35’ ft.

The Pyle Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth is Comfortable Wrap-Around Style providing you the perfect hands-free Talking Ability, Built-in Microphone for Answering Calls, and Waterproof Rated & Weather-Resistant Design. 

But this is not all! With the Traditional earbuds covering the eardrums, the obstructed hearing reduces balance and coordination and is dangerous. However, there are no such problems with this brilliant little piece of technology. With a brilliant bone conduction design, you are always aware of your environment while listening to every virtual media you want!

Revolutionary headphone design, this amazing little beast is formed to be  IPX6 water-resistant. This will mean that no matter how much you sweat during your run, these headphones are here to stay. With side panels of button control along with a complete battery charge up in just 4 hours, these amazing headphones are just simply a dream come true!


  • Comfortable Wrap-Around Style for maximum wearing comfort
  • Hands-Free Talking Ability
  • Built-in Microphone for Answering Calls
  • Side Panel Touch Button Controls


  • Though headphones fit well, they are not size-adjustable
  • Not practical in a high noise environment

9. BEKER Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

BEKER Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

Main Features

  • Compatible with a number of devices under the windows and Apple umbrella
  • Long battery life lasting up to 8hours
  • 8 GB Memory
  • IPX8 certification making it completely waterproof
  • Fast charging in just 50 Minutes

Another one for the swimmers on the list, these amazing bone conduction music players makes sure that your swimming experience is more fun. 

Listen to music, podcasts, coaching tracks for stroke rate and pace—the possibilities are endless and BEKER makes it all possible thanks to its waterproof, user-friendly design. Using BEKER and the right choice of MP3s, you can stay focused longer and stave off boredom during laps, letting you go further, swim harder, and make greater gains.

Unlike all the contemporaries designed for the on-ground activities like running and cycling, these are specifically designed to make your under-water experience change altogether. 

Ergonomically designed to be strapped to the back of your head, it will stay out of your way to provide continual comfort that regular headphones and typical bone conduction headphones cannot always provide. Operation is very straightforward and easy with power/play, volume control, and music selection buttons.

Another brilliant feature of the product is its no-disturbance design. With no excess audio spillover, this optimal transmission device will make sure not to disturb any swimmers even a meter away. The perfect product that allows live and let live!


  • Clear underwater sound
  • Very sleek and light design that doesn’t interfere with swimming
  • Can even be used in saltwater or hot springs making it a perfect partner for every adventure.


  • No major negative points best for swiming

10. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

Main Features:

  • 8-Hour battery
  • 4GB of MP3 Storage
  •  IP68 Waterproof 
  • Comfortable Under Swim Cap

Does the possibility of listening to music while you are taking the morning laps in the pool excite you? Well, we have the perfect device for you!

Take open-ear listening to new depths with Xtrainerz wireless MP3 headphones. With 4GB of built-in storage, you can take up to 1,200 tracks with you in and out of the water while you’re cross-training toward your new PR.

 With a simple touch of a button, you can enjoy 8 hours of listening to premium audio with full track and volume control. A perfect partner for adventures you would not need the internet, Bluetooth, or anything that can put a  lag in your perfect listening experience.

Comfortable and secure, these headphones are designed to stay put stroke after stroke and provides you with a never before revolutionary experience that remains unchallenged in the market!

So leave your device behind and embrace the simplicity of your favourite tracks paired with your favourite adventures.


  • With an IP68 certification, these headphones work great for up to 6 feet or 1.8 meters underwater
  • 2-year warranty with all coverages
  • The option of equalization mode helping you choose between the swimming and normal use time
  • Open ear headphone preventing the risk of in-ear infection or swimmer’s ear


  • Charging light is weak during the sunlight hours
  • Not Bluetooth Compatible 

Benefits of bone conduction headphones

Now that we have listed the best bone conduction headphones, let us understand, why these headphones can help your life.

With any brilliant new addition in your life, there is often a moment of skepticism. But let us explain how the bone conduction headphones can prove to be your best investment in 2020. 

Additional situational awareness

Though in the perfect world, we could walk out of our home, oblivious to the surrounding, and still reach back safe. However, with the number of cars on the street, it becomes important to know the place around you. This is why the bone conduction design makes it easier to have the best of both worlds. 

With the no ear cover design of the headphones, you will always be aware of the pressing horns or surprise ask outs while walking down the street. 

Imagine your life with a beautiful background track and turn your imagination into reality with just a simple device!

A more comfortable fit 

What is worse than heavy headphones weighing down on the neck, with the sweaty ears troubled with long hours of listening? But what if long hours of listening could somehow be freed from all of the discomforts. 

The perfect device to make sure that you don’t have to spend any time looking for the perfect fit for the ear, you can now simply put them outside your ear. So whether you are going out for a run or have a long meeting planned with the bosses, these headphones will help you with everything. And what’s more, no neck pain. 

Unique Listening Experience

Listening to songs on a run is nice, but do you also wish you could hear the sounds of nature? Well, now it is possible with the brilliant bone conduction headphones. A combination of the best of both the worlds, you now won’t have to miss out on anything

For Whom Bone Conduction Headphones Are Best?

A brilliant device taking its origination from a hearing aid, these headphones make sure that the sound enters directly into the inner ear. This means that you will be aware of your environment while listening to your music. 

A premier choice for all the athletes, these headphones are designed to keep the needs and requirements of the field. Often sweat, water, and dirt resistant to these headphones make sure that the music is not affected by any of the additional secondary factors. 

Swimmers, runners, cyclists, and many other professionals prefer the bone conduction headphones thanks to its nimble making, durable design, and dual conduction of sound. 

Even for normal people, who step out on the road for a jog, this can prove to be a brilliant addition as it makes sure that you are aware of all the cars and trucks. This change has successfully reduced the number of accidents due to headphones. 

Another category of people, who just can’t be separated from the phone, including doctors, traders, and businessmen, these headphones prove to be an excellent choice thanks to the long battery hour and comfort of wearing. You will not have to worry about tiring out your ears or the battery running out. A beautiful solution for both the requirements, find out if these headphones suit you by ordering one today!

Main Features to Consider Before Buying Bone Conduction Headphones 

With this new technology, the question of how to choose the best for your ears is now more important than ever. To help you find the best product for your ears, consider these points before you narrow down on a product. 


One of the major selling points of the bone conduction headphones, they come with an out-of-your-ear design that makes sure that you don’t get tired after long hours of listening. However, one important thing to know here is that this will be different than the usual transmission of sound and will require a certain getting used to.

Find a pair of headphones that will stay in place when you are wearing them. This will be especially necessary if you are looking for a physical activity application.  

Sound Quality

When you are buying headphones, the main purpose of your purchase is what defines the kind of sound quality you would need. For example, if we consider the normal use where you would listen to music or podcasts sitting in a semi-closed up space like your room, these headphones are amazing with a real to life kind of sound. 

An amazing addition in the silent to moderately noisy environments, the bone conduction earphones have a different working than noise cancellation. Though you will be able to hear your media clearly, it will be amalgamated with the surrounding noise. This feature generally requires a little getting used to, and won’t feel natural right away. But with time, bone conduction proves to be a brilliant addition to your collection. 


The right headphones would complement your style and look in every way. With the bonce conduction’s nimble look, a new avenue of style statement has opened up to be explored. 

You can choose from the slickest headphones to the most subtle one depending on the type of statement you would want to make. 


Another important aspect to make sure that you find the best fit is to find until which level you can beat up your headphones before they end up being useless. Made keeping the outdoors in mind, the bone conduction headphones are ones that go a long way. Find the perfect pair that will come with high duty features and a warranty to back that up for the best results. 


Every new technology takes a certain amount of getting used to, but once you are able to do that, it opens up a whole another avenue for exploration. Experiment with your listening to experience a new world with wonders and magic.

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