Best budget Audiophile Headphones

Are you one of those people whose life just feels incomplete without a background track? Are you always moving around with headphones on your ears? Or are you simply a person who enjoys listening to his music with finesse? What if we told you that there is one product that will cater to all of you. Audiophile headphones, for people who like to give their music/audio life of its own.

With the market flooded with options and new products entering the sea every day, we can understand that it might be difficult to help find the most perfect device for your ears. So, to give you an idea about how to find a seamless fit, here is the list of the best budget audiophile headphones. 

How we pick our best?

When picking out the best budget Audiophile headphones, it is important to have a system to pick out the best, and we have just that for you. While it would be really easy to pick out the best in the market based on the user interaction, we have a two-pronged approach that we are using to judge the contenders to bring out the best. 

  1. Sound Quality: 

The first thing to check when purchasing a headphone is definitely the quality of sound that you would be getting. This is not how the sound feels on your ear, but a little more technical delve with the three checkpoints of:

  • Clarity
  • Neutrality 
  • Power and Volume

The combination of all three, work in creating the sound quality of particular headphones, and especially if you are looking for audiophile headphones. 

  1. Build and Durability

The second most important thing to check is also whether the headphones that you are preparing to buy are to check whether your device can withstand the tortures of time. Again, the build and durability is not as simple as the look of the device but would consider the 

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability

Together both of these things make sure that you have a device that not only looks good but will also stay by your side for a decent amount of time. 

Our team of experts sample every device with this basic checklist and give their rating after a period of 2 months use and then again after 6 months. The total of these scores then earns the device their name on the list of the best budget Audiophile headphones according to that final score. 

This list that you will find below is the perfect combination of the open and closed headphones, products focusing more on comfort, while others more on the looks, and basically a little of everything for everyone. So let’s get started, Shall we?

Best Budget Audiophile Headphones

1. Sennheiser HD 600

Technical Details:

Impedance: 300 Ohm

Sensitivity: 97 dB

Drivers: 40mm

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-Ear

With the name that Sennheiser has made for itself in the audio market, it is no doubt that their product has topped the list of the best budget Audiophile headphone. Complete with a brilliant build and a true audiophile sound, the HD 600 is the perfect device on the budget for critical listening. 

If you count yourself in the people who like the quality of their sound to be pristine without having to shell out a lot of money, then this is the perfect device for you. An old player in the market, the HD600 has definitely made its mark in the market thanks to the perfect combination of brilliant sound quality and amazing build, comfort, and sound quality. 

Talking about the build of the device, it is made up completely of plastic and features a speckled stone design. While the device is completely made up of plastic, we did not find for one second that the device is flimsy or cheap in any way. Right from the memory foam in the headbands and the earpads with velour we were very happy with the make and durability of the product. 

One thing that we did notice however was the device can feel a little tight at the first chance to wear it, the clamping force would be just right with a few uses. Even with long listening sessions, these headphones are a genuine partner in listening. 

With brilliant sounding headphones, the overall balance of sound is good. The one thing that we found lacking in the headphones, is the sub-bass. Overall the bass and the sound balance are not only clean, tight, and punchy. With amazing midrange and low range, these headphones work to reproduce the details with clarity enough to be reference quality. Though the treble of the headphones has been a point of contention among the famous reviewing experts, we have not found to be anything wrong with it in normal daily use. 

A product made for people of the modern-day world who like to give their music something extra, these headphones are simply the definition of great. To help you pick further, here is the list of the pros and cons:


  • Amazing build quality
  • Changeable parts
  • Totally comfortable for an extended period of use
  • Amazingly neutral sound quality
  • Not too expensive


  • It May require additional use of amplifiers to sound its best

2. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 

Technical Details:

Impedance: 80 Ohm

Sensitivity: 96 dB

Drivers: 45mm

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-Ear

One of the most famous names in the headphones world, when it comes to Beyerdynamic, we are definitely not worried about the product and the DT 770 Pro goes on further to prove this very point. One of the best in the closed-back device list, these amazing pair of headphones come not only with an amazing audiophile quality of sound but also a price that will not shake your budget of the month. 

If we talk about the design and the aesthetic appeal of the headphones it is very similar to the trademark design complete with a metal headband and a few plastic parts, that are not only durable but also sturdy enough to make sure that you won’t have to replace the device anytime soon. 

The padded headband is soft to your head, and the design is such that it accommodates the shape of your head. Not only this, the shape and quality of the earcups, make sure that the long listening sessions feel like but a cloud on your ear. 

Though the build and comfort of the device is also something that is celebrated what earns the DT 770 Pro its name on the list of the best budget Audiophile headphones is the quality of sound you can expect from the device. Known for its low-end notes, there have been times where the bass of the device felt a little over, however, once you get a little used to this device, the bass will start to get tighter and punchier and finally reach a stage of perfection. 

If we talk about the clarity of sound, the mids of the device sound neutral and are not colored in warm or harsh tonal capacities. Though we definitely did like the sound quality, the one space where we found the room for improvement was the mid ranges, as they were just a little recessed, but still noticeable. 

On the whole the complete package of the DT 770 Pro is a great deal, especially considering the price that it comes along with. So if you are an audiophile and looking for closed-back headphones, we would say, that your search ends here. 

To help your decision-making process a little easier, here is the list of Pros and Cons. 


  • Amazingly comfortable device perfect for long use
  • Great Quality of Bass
  • Perfectly neutral sound balance
  • No Tonal coloration of mids


  • Non-detachable cable
  • Recessed Mids

3. Sennheiser HD 569

Technical Details:

Impedance: 23 Ohm

Sensitivity: 115 dB

Drivers: 35mm

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-Ear

Another name from the Sennheiser laurel, the HD 569 has been granted as one of the richest selections of the good audiophile headphone selection, that will provide you a sound that is much above the price tag that it comes with. Right from its comfort, to its looks and of course the amazing sound quality, these headphones are the perfect thing whether you are sitting down for an evening of critical listening or simply just going into the den to have a game night. 

With a simple design featuring the traditional company look, this comes with an extra punch of being a luxurious item. Although almost completely made out of plastic, the headphone comes with a sturdy promise of a long time if handled with care. 

One of the most premier things that can make or break your headphone experience is the comfort of it, especially if you are looking at long listening hours, and in our opinion, the HD 569 hits the nail right on the head. With an amazingly comfortable earpad and the beautiful design of the headband that fits you right on the head, we have no complaints with the 569 model of the Sennheiser HD 5XX line. 

Coming to the sound quality of the headphones, the HD 569 leans more towards the neutral zone, with a decently present bass and a great weight and punch. Along with this the Mids of the device is beautifully well balanced without any distortion or compression, however, we did with the tonal shade to be a little warm. Talking about the Treble, though it is a little low compared to some of the contemporaries, it is present without the annoyingly screechy sound. 

When we see the whole sound thing together, it comes together as a decent little package that is definitely enough to earn the HD 569 its name on the list of the best Budget Audiophile Headphones.

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about the HD 569, let us quickly look over the pros and cons. 


  • Not too bulky to wear for long hours
  • Complete with a built-in mike making it a perfect addition to every single console
  • Amazingly comfortable ear cups with great padding
  • No problems with audio leakage


  • The volume of the device can be a little low
  • The bass of the device lacks the punch

4. Hifiman HE400 S

Technical Details:

Impedance: 22 Ohm

Sensitivity: 98 dB

Drivers: 60mm

Type of Headphone: Planar

Ear Coupling: Over-Ear

A name known in the audio world for its expertise in planar magnetic technology, the HE400 S is a proud addition to the Hifiman world of headphones. This is probably one of the only models that even after being discontinued by the company continues to attract a wide array of people thanks to the amazing planar magnetic headphone technology. 

Being of the cheapest in its range, the place where we have serious problems with the HE400S is the aesthetic appeal. With a headband made completely out of pleater, the side grills and arch made out of metal, and the remaining held on by plastic, the look of these headphones is definitely something that needs to be worked on. 

However, everything else right from the durability of the headphones to the sound of them is something that we have no complaints against. Both the earcups and the earpads are designed in such a way that it covers the entire ears making the sound come alive. Speaking in simple words, the design of the headphones may not be fancy, however, it gets the job done pretty well. 

One of our favorite things with the Hifiman HE400S is the weight that it comes with. While most of the Planars have a reputation of being heavy, these are pretty lightweight that can be enjoyed for an extended period of time.  The headband though may look a little tacky doesn’t take long to adjust to the shape of your head. The earcup and the earpads with a special velour fabric make it breathable for an extended period of use. 

Coming down to the discussion of the sound, this is where the HE400S shines. One of the best open-back headphones, the bass is one of the most beautiful aspects of the sound, with just the perfect combination of impact and punch. One thing that our experts did notice however is that it may sound a little flat, but this can easily be remedied by the use of better ear pads. 

The midrange is not only smooth but also comes with a delicious clarity that can compete with any outstanding headphones way above this pay scale. Whether you plan to listen to an opera or death metal, the mids are definitely appreciated. Even the highs are clear and specifically detailed, however, they may be slightly on the softer side. 

Though many of you might not be able to decide whether the HE400S is the perfect fit for you by the description, we are sure that the list of pros and cons will help. 


  • A perfect budget Planar magnetic headphones
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Angular Earcups that makes listening fun
  • Amazing mids on a wide genre of listening


  • Bad Aesthetic Appeal
  • Bass needs to be helped with a change in earcups.

5. Meze 99 Classic

Technical Details:

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Sensitivity: 103dB

Drivers: 40mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: over-ear

A recent introduction to the market of Sound, the Meze bandwagon blew everyone out of the water since its very introduction in the year 2015 with the 99 Classic. With everyone going crazy about these headphones and almost every single page reviewing them, we do have to stop and ask what was so special about them? Well, let us tell you exactly that. 

The first thing that you would notice in the Meze 99 classic is its unique brand of design. With a beautiful conical-shaped earcups which are actually made up of walnut wood, are not only pleasing to look at but are also claimed to have a natural resonating property that isn’t found in many. Besides this, the self-adjusting headband will make sure that as time passes, these headphones take the shape of your head. 

Coming to the comfort of use, the 99 classics come with big earpads which fit around your ears perfectly giving them the perfect depth to make sure that they are not tightly pressed or squished. With a clamping force that is just enough to keep the headphones on your head but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. In simple words, these headphones are not only pleasant to look at but are also extremely comfortable to wear. 

Coming down to the voice! The 99 classics live up to its name of classic because you can expect silky smooth sound with an engaging range that will make you not want to put these headphones down. With the perfect balance between the lows, mids, and highs, there is no other headphone on this list that can match the sound balance of the 99 Classic. 

A decent level of bass (arguably the one that extends the weakest) that integrates well with the overall sound gives a brilliant listening experience. The midrange is the part where the Meze 99 Classic shines complete with dynamic, musical clarity, and just an overall brand of seamless perfection, there really isn’t anything bad we could find with these amazing headphones. 

To give you a quick review about the 99 Classic, here is the list of the pros and cons: 


  • A unique design 
  • Durability stands against the challenge of time. 
  • Lightweight design for extended use
  • Amazingly comfortable to wear
  • Priceless sound
  • Amazing price range


  • No major cons

6. Audio-Technica ATH M50x

Technical Details:

Impedance: 38 Ohm

Sensitivity: 99dB

Drivers: 45mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-ear

If you enter the market looking for the best budget Audiophile headphones, one of the names that most people would suggest is Audio Technica. Not only are their products versatile but they also have a more than decent appearance, and the ATH-M50x is just a simple example of that. Not only are they well built, but they also sport a type of sound that will make sure that you don’t get tired of them anytime soon. 

An Over-ear, closed-back series, though these headphones are majorly made up of plastic, they do have a high quality built. With a simple yet sturdy look, there are not many complaints in the terms of the build quality or durability, and many people add these to their consoles as a cheaper alternative to expensive high-end gaming headphones. 

With a plush headband and amazingly soft earpads, the headphones come with a clamp which might feel a little tight in the very beginning but will ease up with continued use. One of the things that we noticed in the extended period of use however was the heating up of the earpads. This can make it a tough task for people with sensitive ears to wear them for longer periods. 

Coming to the sound quality, let us put it very bluntly, the ATH-M50x is not a studio-grade headphone, as it lacks the certain qualities of mixing and mastering headphones. However, that out of the way, the quality of sound can still be used for critical listening making it a perfect addition to the list of the best budget audiophile headphones. 

Not only the bass is punchy and rich, but it is also good enough to provide you an amazing experience with electronic and bass-rich music. Compared to the alternatives, we found the midrange in these headphones to be slightly laid back, while the treble was clean and crisp. All in all, considering the price, build, sound quality, and of course the sound staging, we give our thumbs up to the ATH-M50x model. 

To give you a quick recap of our review, here is the list of the pros and the cons. Check out here are the 6 best audio-technica open-ear headphones.


  • A decent and durable built
  • Amazing alive bass
  • Decent sound stage
  • Sound isolation and no aural leakage


  • Earpads can start overheating with an extended use period. 
  • Proprietary detachable cables. 

7. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Technical Details:

Impedance: 250 Ohm

Sensitivity: 96dB

Drivers: 45mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-ear

The Beyerdynamic brand is known for its business in creating elite premium headphones by hand. With an elite work model and a brilliance of legacy, it is not a surprise to us that two names of the same bandwagon have hitched on to our list of the best budget audiophile headphones. 

The DT 990 Pro is essentially an open-back over-ear headphone made up of plastic earcups, a metal headband, and a soft cushion cover for wherever it would touch your skin. The entire build of the headphone consists of top-notch material and is velour, especially, working to give them breathability for a long use duration. Along with that, at the same time, it adds a certain touch of nonpareil beauty to the product. 

The fit and comfort of the device is another thing that is often appreciated by the users in the longer run, thanks to its lightweight, easy on the touch design and of course a headband that would take the shape of your head. 

Coming to the audio part of the headphone, the overall sound experience is really appreciated by our experts, complete with strong and powerful bass. The place where we feel that these headphones lack is definitely the mids, feeling a little recessed. However, aside from this, the clarity and precision of sound are something that stands unparalleled in the list. Another thing that we definitely appreciated is the amazingly wide and deep sound stage which would genuinely blow some life into your music!

To take a look back on the review, let us recount the pros and cons of the DT 990 Pro


  • Brilliantly comfortable designing
  • Amazing build quality
  • Beautiful sound staging
  • Prominent and well-extended bass
  • Lightweight design for long listening hours. 


  • Treble can prove to be harsh when playing the music in high volume

8. Jabra Elite 85H

Technical Details:

Impedance: 100 Ohm

Sound pressure level: 102.25dB

Frequency Response Max: 2000 Hz

Drivers: 40mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-ear

If we had to count two things that were taking over the headphone market by storm it would definitely be wireless connectivity along with Active noise cancellation and the Jabra Elite 85H has it all. A complete package that provides you a whole list of options, this is definitely considered the modern-day headphones for the modern-day person. 

The size of the Elite 85 H can prove to be a little bulky for daily use in the subway or such, however, this does not for one second mean that they have any problem with the workings of a long listening session. The Earpads of the Elite 85H come down with a great seal, which is found to be really nice in the longer duration, however, we did feel that the earpads lack a wiggle room for your ears. This is generally noticed with users having smaller ears. 

Coming to the Aesthetic appeal, the design takes a turn from the all-plastic favorites in the list with its woven fabric look on the ear cups. A perfectly smooth to touch fabric, give a whole new touch of elegance to the product. 

Talking about the sound quality of the Elite 85 H, noise cancellation is definitely one of the most celebrated features of the device. Another feature that sets these headphones apart is the Jabra Sound+ App, which is available for both Android and iOS. This practically gives you a virtual equalizer that you can control every single function. 

Coming to the actual sound recreation, we had honestly no problem with the performance of the Elite 85H. Complete with strong low-end and mid-range elements, the clarity, tenacious sound, and the brilliance of no over-channel spillage is something that makes it stand out. If there was one thing that needs to be changed about the Elite 85H, it would definitely be the comparatively lower sub-bass in comparison with the rest on the list. With the tonal shade painted to be neutral, and the sound recreation crisp and perfect, on the whole, we don’t have many complaints regarding the way the Elite 8H is programmed to sound. 

To help you decide if Jabra Elite 85 is the best budget audiophile headphone for you, here  the list of Pros and Cons


  • Amazing battery life
  • An app control that gives you a virtual equalizer
  • Single-button access to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri
  • Special EQ and ANC modes for your ease of use
  • Elegant and unique aesthetic appeal
  • An amazing reproduction of sound


  • No single button to switch the device off
  • Maybe a little heavy for people with a small head
  • Less wiggle room for people with small ears. 

9. Philips SHP9500

Technical Details:

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Sensitivity: 101dB

Maximum power handling: 200mW

Drivers: 50mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-ear

Another famous name in the world of audio products, it is no surprise that the list of the best budget audiophile products cannot be complete with at least one entry from the Philips bandwagon. Simply put, if you are looking for high-end headphones but are not willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money, then the SHP9500 is the safest bet. 

The first thing which you will notice the moment you pick up your Philips SHP9500 is the level of comfort they come along with. A generously padded headband and a suspension that will take the shape of your head with just a few use, the long listening sessions are not going to be a problem any longer. You can even manually adjust the headband according to your own need. 

Complete with large padded earpads that come along with a special moisture-wicking fabric, these headphones are designed keeping in mind the user profile of a modern person. One point of contention that we have against the SHP9500 is however that the ear pads are not removable or exchangeable. However, aside from this, the comfort and design of this amazing product are what earns the SHP9500 its name on the list of the best audiophile headphones.  

Coming to the sound profile of the device, the 50mm drivers cover your ear entirely and deliver a clean, crisp, and amazingly dynamic sound. One of the things that we would like to mention here is that the bass of the device is just right; neither too overpowering, nor too low. This does however mean, that if your choice of genre is rock or metal music with a lot of thumping then this might not be the perfect choice. 

The mids of the sound recreation are mild, natural and slightly warm, while the lows/treble can be noticed as a clear, bright and clean recreation. In simple words, every sound of the headphone is designed in the way it should sound in real life. The sound stage, though nothing too extraordinary, is pretty decent and wouldn’t harbor many complaints from you. 

To give you a quick idea about our review, here is the list of the pros and cons: 


  • Pretty lightweight device for extended periods of listening
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Brilliant sound reproduction 
  • A choice between cable and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Decent sound stage


  • A slight complaint of sound leakage
  • Can be difficult to carry. 

10. Sony WH-1000XM4

Technical Details:

Impedance: 47 Ohm

Sensitivity: 105dB

Drivers: 40mm 

Type of Headphone: Dynamic

Ear Coupling: Over-ear

If you are looking for a pair of headphones with the option of wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, audiophile quality of sound and brilliant design, don’t worry, you are not asking for too much. The Sony WH-1000XM4 comes with all of this and more. The WH-1000XM4, though looks arguably a lot similar to WH-1000XM3, its predecessor, it comes with a whole itinerary of changes. 

One of the most brilliant changes in the XM4 is the brilliant rubberised finish that not only provide your headphones with a durable and premium feel but also make sure that it doesn’t end up staining or scratching very easily. 

A very light weight product made for your ease of use, these headphones are the perfect combination of large ear pieces and the perfect level of comfort. With a whole list of touch controls and gestures carried forward from the WH-1000XM3, you can play/pause, skip track, skip back, put the volume up or down and even answer calls without ever having to open up your phone. What can be better than that?

Along with this, the brilliant ANC technology that has given the WH-1000XM4 its amazing capability of separating sound, makes sure that there is nothing between you and you music. Along with this, the NC optimizer is also something that we greatly appreciated. Both the comfort and the build combined with the features, we definitely found the WH-1000XM4 to live up to more than its price tag. 

The one thing that you might not have heard a lot about, but definitely needs to be paid attention to is the full range of sound of the headphones. Delivering the sound with Veracity, the headphones definitely impressed us with the amazing sound delivery. The most impressive part was the comradery with the high pounding bass and the high pitched treble without muddying up the sound stage. All in all, if you ask us, the deal doesn’t get better than the Sony WH-1000XM4

Let’s find out if the Sony WH-1000XM4 is a good fit for your use with a list of pros and cons. 


  • Amazing audio Quality
  • Brilliant use of ANC and NC optimizer
  • An array of smart control and gestures
  • Long battery life and quick charging
  • A long list of useful features


  • The quality of call may not match the quality of music playing. 

Things to consider before picking up your Audiophile headphones 

Now that you have a clear idea of the best there is in the market, you would have vaguely picked out a few favorites from the list. And while all of these products are in the running for the best budget audiophile headphones, how would you find the one that suits your needs perfectly? 

Well, to help you find a seamless fit in your life, here are some questions to ask yourself before investing in a device. 

  1. Are you looking for an over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear design?
  2. Does your perfect headphone have an open-backed design or a closed-back one?
  3. What kind of an Impedance are you looking for?
  4. What is your choice between dynamic drivers, hybrid drivers, and planar magnetic drivers? 
  5. Are you looking to invest just in your headphones, or would you be able to shell out some money for a separate headphone amp?
  6. How much is your budget and how flexible it is according to additional features? 
  7. How important is the Soundstage of your audio?

Once you have made up your mind, ask yourself these 7 questions and match the features of the best in the market according to your need. Once you do that, you will have the perfect device in your hands!


In the world of sound, there needs to be a perfect balance of beautiful sound and the perfect price, and we have found you the best culmination of both. So take out your pad, and match your list of requirements with our list of the market favorites, and take home the most perfect device that will fit in your life, seamlessly. 

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