Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

What can be worse than playing a spirited match without having the proper gear to enjoy your experience? The perfect gaming experience cannot be complete without a good pair of headphones attached to your gaming headset!

A partner that will make the sound of your game come to life, the best open-back headphones for gaming, will allow you to leave your room and enter the virtual world of your character. Just put the headphones on your ears and make sure that you are never disturbed by anything!

What are Open Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones are designed in a manner that will allow the passage of air through the ear cups to the speaker elements. This will make sure that whenever you sit down for a long gaming session with the guys, you don’t have to keep removing your headphones because of the heat!

The perfect little addition to your gaming headset, the Open Back headphones, make sure the pressure can’t build up and affect your sound. A device to experience a more natural and authentic to nature sound without any additional echoes in your headphones. 

A perfect device meant for your nights home alone; you won’t need to remove the headphones to hear anything going on beyond your gaming console. 

One thing to note here is that though the headphones will give you a more natural voice reception, they will not necessarily provide the noised cancellation effect. Along with that, if you choose to invest in open-back headphones, make sure that you have a proper clean place to keep them in your home.

Benefits of Open Back Headphones

When we say that it is the perfect addition to your headgear, the open back headphones stand out from the closed back in terms of the reality of the positioning and placement of sound in your ear to give a perfectly natural feel. 

But if even that is not enough to convince if these are the headphones for you, here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of the Open Back Headphones.

1. Brilliant quality of sound

Thanks to the well-vented audiophile-grade in the design, the quality of sound in your open-back headphones would be considerably better than the standard headphones in the market. 

Along with the ability to breathe without hindrance caused by the pressure of sound in addition to the heat radiating from your body, this masterpiece is a comfortable partner for a long time without causing your head to pound. 

2. No more sweaty ears

Imagine working with a pair of headphones without having to take them down every half an hour to wipe down the sweat. A nice and fresh air circulation along with no coiled up heat will make sure that you can enjoy longer, more comfortable listening sessions without anything holding you back. 

With fantastic heat dispersal and passive cooling technique, the long days of game playing are now truly a blessing. 

3. Lighter weight

For a thing that is supposed to rest on your head for an extended period, the principle of lighter the better applies. A fantastic sound quality paired up along with a lighter frame will make sure that you won’t tire out your ears during the long hours with your console. 

The weight in the open end headphones is distributed far from your ears levying mainly on the outside cups meaning they will feel lighter than they are. 

4. More advanced Driver options

If you pick up an open-back headphone, you would be opening yourself up to the choice of a number of designs and technologies that will not be present in the counterparts of the product. With a sophisticated design and a better control palette, these headphones can be said to almost delve into your needs as if it was made for you.

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10 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X
  2. Sennheiser GAME ONE
  3. Audio Technica ATHPDG1
  4. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR
  5. Sennheiser HD 599
  6. Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990
  7. Philips SHP9500
  8. Sennheiser HD 600
  9. Mass drop x Sennheiser PC37X
  10. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition

Now that we have established the importance of just the right pair of gaming headphones for your gaming headset, let us explore the list of best open-back headphones for gaming, you need to add to your collection today!

1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Live the moment you hear! 

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Encased in a lightweight honeycomb aluminium casing, these headphones come with a no-pressure on ears design giving you a more close to life listening experience. 

With the revolutionary new 53mm drivers along with bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils, the trademark of these headphones is the fantastic combination of superior highs and mids for an elite listening experience. 

Along with these, the people who purchased this set have found the self-adjusting wing support will adjust to your head size automatically for a brilliant listening experience. A combination of comfort along with a no-tangle design, these headphones genuinely come with all that you could require out of your headphones, making them a premier choice on the list of the top open-back headphones for gaming 2022.

Another thing that the users have appreciated about the pair of headphones if the clarity and presence, making it the best choice for listening to live performances, with almost true to live listening.

Here is the list of 6 Best Audio-Technica Open Ear Headphones


  • Brilliant crystal-clear and real to life sounds
  • Lightweight design for long hours of listening   
  • Amazing directional audio Superior power handling
  • Open-air design for tireless listening
  • Self-adjusting 3D wing support to help the headphones take the shape of your head
  • Total ear fit to minimize pressure.


  • Size can prove an issue for people with small ears.
  • Lack of bass

2. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Legendary performance, legendary comfort

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

If you are a person who values audio realism, then the Sennheiser Game One is the best choice for you. With a lightweight material, padded headband, and plush ear pads for extra comfort, one thing that headphones can promise is comfort with quality. 

Another brilliant factor of these headphones is the noise cancellation feature. The flexible boom arm easily adjusts for best voice pick-up positioning, and the microphone design minimizes background noise for acoustic clarity and crystal-clear communication.

Gamers looking for a new partner can end their search at this slim silhouette of classic headphones! Along with open-back ear cups and original transducer technology, long hours of play are now not a problem. 

The EPOS engineered proprietary speaker system delivers natural and organic sound with all the details and game cues needed for an instant in-game reaction. 


  • Classic open acoustic gaming headset for real-life sound quality
  • Sonically accurate, natural high fidelity sound
  • Original transducer technology
  • The microphone provided with a flexible lift-to-mute boom arm
  • Integrated and intuitive volume control on the right ear cup
  • Multi Platform compatibility with included cables working on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mac
  • Lightweight design for long listening hours


  • The problem of transmission of sound between mic and headpieces
  • The clamp is found to be a little tight.

3. Audio Technica ATHPDG1

Game immersive sound

Audio Technica ATHPDG1

If you are a gamer and are looking for the best open-back headphones for gaming, then this is where your search ends. This super lightweight headset is designed, keeping in mind the super-serious gamers who value natural sound and detailed audio along with long-lasting comfort. 

The pair is loaded with 40mm drivers with CCAQ voice coils that are specifically tuned to reproduce all the lively details of the world of video games. Along with this, the ATH-PDG1 also comes equipped with a flexible, 6” boom microphone for a crystal clear in-game voice communication with your team. The mic with a 1.2 m cable and in-line volume and mute control will not only make this device a welcome addition to your headset but will also make sure that you never have to worry about blurry voices ever again. 

And what’s more, these headphones come with a 1.2 m smartphone cable that will let you transform the brilliance of this premium gaming headset into any everyday pair headphone, which can be used on the go for answering phone calls, controlling audio or only going off to a run.


  • 40 mm drivers wrapped up with CCAW voice coils are tuned to provide lively, in-the-game sound to improve your gaming experience
  • The open-air design offers brilliant sound quality, clarity, and comfort
  • State-of-the-art, flexible boom microphone, with mute and volume control, provides crystal-clear in-game voice communication
  • Durable, lightweight construction with an ultra-comfortable headband and velour earpads enable extended gaming sessions
  • Three different detachable cables for better connectivity to each device
  • Detachable smartphone cable to allow daily use of headphones outside gaming


  • Problems with the headset to microphone crosstalk
  • In-line volume is lesser

4. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

Make your own concert

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

With a 50 year of heritage in the headphones acoustics, the Philips brand has always come forwards on both sound and ergonomic performance. The Fidelio X2HR integrates iconic design matched with an impeccably clear and detailed sound range.

The perfect at-home concert experience, these headphones come with an open back architecture and engineered double-layered ear shells for a long comfortable listening experience. 

The overall design of the headphones is kept intentionally simple yet elegantly functional at the same time. With a dual metal tubing covered with a genuine leather strap, you would not have to worry about wear and tear soon. 

With 50mm drivers, the frequency response of the headphones is outstanding. A perfect addition to your gaming headset, the users have found that it is a specifically good fit for the PS4 gamers thanks to the impedance of 30 ohms. 

The headphones come with the promise of the most precise and authentic sound experience with a clarity of bass, loudness of treble and well distinguishable lows, mids, and highs!


  • Wide 50 mm high power drivers tuned and tested for the most detailed real-life sound experience.
  • Acoustic open-back design to eliminate air pressure build-up
  • Layered motion control drivers featuring a multi-layered polymer diaphragm for better sound variation
  • Pre-titled drivers fit the ears for minimal sound reflection.
  • Self-adjusting hammock to find just the perfect size for your head
  • Breathable velour and memory foam cushions for extreme comfort
  • Double-layered ear shells to reduce resonance and vibration to your ears.


  • An additional requirement of pads if the treble is sounding too sharp

5. Sennheiser HD 599

The best in class, remastered

Sennheiser HD 599

A brilliant new addition in the classic 500 series, the Sennheiser HD 599 is topping the product line with a premium make and sophisticated sound and comfort balance. Powered by the Sennheiser proprietary transducer technology and featuring the ‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement’ (E.A.R) design, the HD 599 represents a step into the world of audiophile sound reproduction. Check our selection of best budget Audiophile headphones

This open-back around-ear headphone is designed to deliver an impressively natural tonal balance with outstanding spatial performance. With the exceptional comfort provided by large ear cups with plush velour ear cushions, you will not have to worry about long hours of listening. 

A versatile headphone device along with a 3m cable with a 6.3-mm jack for a home entertainment system and a shorted 1.2m cable with a 3.5mm jack perfect for use with phones, tablets, and laptops.

Finished in distinctive Ivory colour, with matte metallic detailing and a brown stitched headband, it is an excellent choice for those wishing to enjoy entertainment with sophisticated sound, design, and build quality.


  • Built with the premium aluminum voice coils delivering high efficiency, excellent dynamics, and extremely low distortion.
  • Open Acoustic design for an impressively open spatial presentation and improve your listening experience.
  • Versatile connectivity with everything from your phone to your home entertainment system
  • Delivers aggressive and extreme comfort with its lightweight yet robust design


  • Might lack distinctions between mid and high tones without proper padding.

6. Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990

The perfect addition to the collection of any sound enthusiasts, these open-back studio headphones are the perfect device to listen to sound intricately. 

A circumaural built with open back design, they provide exceptional spaciousness and detailed tonal depth. Be it the pleasant sound of the mild bass or the shrillness of the treble, this device has it all covered. The perfect head adjustment with a shutter mechanism to find the correct size of your head, there isn’t anything that this pair of headphones won’t solve. 

With a simple to use, store, and clean design, the entire body of the headphones if made out of a high-quality polymer that doesn’t wear out with time making it a perfect partner for your daily workout along with your gaming time. 

With a high versatility combination, these headphones can be connected to almost every device in a normal house and office. One hearing solution to all the sources.


  • Reliable design and comfortable built
  • Incredible spaciousness and extreme comfort for long hours of listening
  • Single-sided cable to avoid problems of tangling
  • The robust spring steel headband design ensures that the over-ear headphones offer a secure fit.
  • Outstanding Tonal depth that ensures that even small change in sound position is noticed
  • Perfect for audiophiles and gamers for a real-life reiteration of sounds


  • Non-replaceable ear pads

7. Philips Audio Philips SHP9500

Philips SHP9500

A perfect pair of open-back headphones, the Philips Audio SHP9500 have earned their name in the list of back open-back headphones for gaming thanks to their budget-friendly prices for people who want to enjoy a good pair of headphone without having to empty their pockets.

The 40mm speaker in this device is made up of the mylar material providing a powerful yet un-distorted audio quality. The best part about the headphone is the open design giving your ears the comfort for long listening sessions. This makes the headphones the perfect device to monitor live recording sessions in studios. 

Even at home, and love playing video games, these headphones provide the perfect design to all the sounds surrounding you. Acoustically designed and high-quality drivers tuned to provide you the perfect audio space of your character while playing. 

What’s more, this device comes with a single wire attachment that will make sure that you don’t knock down everything while putting up the headphones. Talk about portability!


  • 40 mm speaker driver tuned to assure no voice distortion
  • Neodymium magnets enhance bass performance and sensitivity
  • Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response
  • Durable build
  • Budget-friendly


  • No mic

8. Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

A perfect partner to a true audiophile, these headphones are something of the must-have list. Thanks to an open circumaural design, computer optimized magnets and aluminum voice coils, you won’t find cleaner, crisper stereo sound anywhere.

These headphones work with an audiophile-grade open dynamic hi-professional stereos making every sound of your game come alive. 

The advanced built with the diaphragm design to eliminate the standing waves, you will not have to worry about unwanted echoes or other acoustical disturbances. 

If you have to sit down in a room and listen to the strain of music, with these headphones, you can easily distinguish between crisp lows, highs, and mids making a perfect partner to every musician and gamer. 

With the Neodymium ferrous magnet systems, the HD600 ensure the optimum sensitivity and excellent dynamic response!


  • High-quality open metal mesh grilles to deliver extremely transparent sound
  • Computer-optimized magnet systems to minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils to ensure excellent transient response
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet systems to ensure optimum sensitivity and an excellent dynamic response
  • The exceptionally natural, spatial and accurate hearing experience


  • Too pricey

9. Mass drop x Sennheiser PC37X

Mass drop x Sennheiser PC37X

With exceptional audio and amazing microphone quality, if you are looking for a pair of headphones for gaming and are willing to shell out a few bucks, this is the pair you should go for!

Made with drivers that are positioned at an angle, which is typically seen in much more expensive headsets, the PC37X maximizes natural sound reproduction.

To put it in the game terms the PC37X helps you hear enemies and sense your surroundings more clearly in your game. Thanks to the angled drivers and open-back design (a Sennheiser industry innovation), it offers better stereo imaging and locational accuracy, allowing you to identify enemy movement, bullets, and incoming threats exactly where they are coming from. 

Along with this, the pair comes with an additional mic for high volume low distance recording, the mic is optimized to handle the unpleasant pops and hisses making it a perfect device for any online video game 

With a noise-cancelling microphone to raise the mute function, you would not have to worry about anything coming in between your gaming experience.


  • Brilliant device for gaming with excellent audio-space
  • Integrated volume control to provide you with more choices
  • Easy and lightweight on the head to avoid discomfort
  • Clear ambiance free communication with the noise-canceling feature
  • High connectivity with a detachable cable of 10ft, move around all you want!


  • Not good for music due to extreme clarity of voice

10. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition

An excellent contender in the competition of the best open-back headphones for gaming, if enhanced comfort along with groundbreaking technology is what you are looking for, then your search ends here. 

Forget the troubles of cables and tangles with this Bluetooth powered beauty here to make sure that you never have to miss even a single second of your game. The perfect addition to your gaming headset, this device is especially appreciated by multiplayer games like the Gears of War, Plants vs. Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront, and even the more complex ones like the Call of duty. 

A device meant to streamline your comfort, this product is designed for long hours of intense gaming without having to take off the headphones once. What else can you want out of a product!

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, there is no limit to the connectivity of the headphones and you are not limited to your desktop any longer. So whether you are going out for a run, have an important call from the office, or simply spending your day in front of the screen, you wouldn’t need to get these off, once.


  • Extremely comfortable design for long hours of gaming
  • Bluetooth connectivity for better versatility
  • Impulse triggers with fingertip vibration feedback to help you feel every jolt and crash in your game
  • Sleek, streamlined design
  • Additional mic for seamless conversation


  • Slight Interference of the mic audio with the sound in the earphones

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Headphone For Gaming

As a gamer, if you are still reading this, you have a pretty clear idea of what you want out of your gaming headphones. But there are some important things that people usually forget to consider before purchasing a new piece of equipment to be added to your life. 

Since these headphones will take a blow to your pocket, it is important to understand a few things before you find the one for you. 

Here are the top things you would need to think about before buying an open back headphone set

  1. They are not noise-canceling headphones

Though the headphones are brilliant in make and sound quality, there is a huge chance of spillage of sound. This would mean that you would be able to hear the external sounds while using the headphones. Due to this, there isn’t a base noiseless environment as the closed-back counterparts and you would need to find a quiet space to use them while gaming. Sitting in your room with a closed-door would be just fine!

  1. Amazing acoustic quality

The thing that you would be investing in while buying the open back headphones is the brilliant quality of sound. The open-back headphones come with a promise of crystal clear sound with better utilization of the audio space. 

This when put simply, means that you would feel every movement and directional change in the sound of the character which would help you specifically get into the world of game and experience it in a real sense. 

This makes it a premier choice among gamers!

  1. Best for long listening sessions

Whether you are a novice gamer looking to make it big in the world of web, or you are a professional who spends almost all of his/her day glued to the screen, the last thing you would want is ear sweat!

Thanks to the brilliant technology of the open-back headphones, your ears will have space to breathe and relax without having to take off the headphones. This will not only take away the disturbance of ears but is also an amazing addition to your gaming experience.


A brilliant piece of technology waiting to be added to your collection, choose the from best open-back headphones for gaming, to make sure you have something extra to win!

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