Best Open Back Headphones

With the reality of the world merging with virtuality, the media that we consume has become an important part of the deal that we just can’t help but involve. Surrounded by media it has now become more important than ever to get the perfect pair of headphones to aid your favorite form of media. But with the number of options that are flooding the market, it has become almost impossible to find the one pair that will fit in your life seamlessly!

However, worry not dear reader, for we are here to help you find just that. Streamlining and boiling down from all the options in the market, we have made a list of the best open-back headphones in the market right now, and we will help you find the true one for your needs!

What are open-back headphones?

Before we go on to explain the best open-back headphones, let us briefly explain what exactly the term open-back headphones imply. These headphones are designed in a manner that will allow the passage of air through the ear cups to the speaker elements. What this means is basically that when you don the headphones for an extended period of time it will not feel overbearing due to sweat and heat thanks to the ventilation provided by the design. 

A perfect design for the gaming population, this amazing gaming headphone would be a proud addition to any gaming console. A device to experience a more natural and true to nature sound without any additional echoes in your headphones, the open-back headphones make sure the pressure can’t build up and affect your sound. 

In simple terms, it means that the open-back headphones are a device that comes with a design that allows your ears to be free and provides a perfect culmination of real and virtual sounds without having to take the headphones off. One thing to note here is that the open-back headphones would not be able to provide you the noise cancellation that comes with the rudimentary idea of headphones, however, that in no way stands out to be that the voice of your media would be disturbed. Any decent open-back headphones can recreate sound almost as perfectly if not better than a closed-back headphone!

Difference between open-back and closed-back headphones?

So now the next logical question boils down to what exactly the difference between the open-back and closed-back headphones are? How are they different and which one is meant better for your requirements?

Speaking in normal terms, the main difference between the open-back and the closed-back headphones is that the former allows the sound to seep through the back of the ear cups while the latter do not.

This means that the closed back headphones are designed to keep the sound of the media in a separated space away from noise and disturbance and external ambient noise to varying degrees, making sure that your music/media noise would not leak out of the back. While at the other hand the open headphones would allow audio leakage out of the earphones and would prevent the noise build-up in your headphones, providing comfort in the longer term of use. This makes it appropriate for a long time usage and also for runs in the streets.

Still, confused about which one is more suited to your needs? Well here is a list of places where both the headphones might be the best fit!

Best and worst positions for open-back headphones

  • Critical listening of audio files 
  • High-quality files meant to be edited
  • At-home listening away from the noise
  • While gaming
  • While traveling 
  • Playing music in a noisy environment
  • Listening to music on a plane

Best and worst positions for closed-back headphones

  • Casual listening 
  • Commuting 
  • Recording/mixing audio
  • Critical listening of audio files
  • While gaming for long hours

So, depending on this list and your usage of the headphones, the first choice to find the perfect headphones is to choose whether your usage would be leaning towards the open-back of the closed back. One point to note here is that there are semi-closed headphones for the people who want to have the best of both worlds!

Benefits of open-back Headphones

Now that we have a clear idea of what exactly the open-back headphones are and how are they different than their closed-back cousins, let us explore why these have an advantage over them, and how they can change your life almost instantly! The open-back headphones really stand out from the closed back in terms of the reality of the positioning and placement of sound in your ear to give a perfectly natural feel. 

But if even that is not enough to convince if these are the headphones for you, here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of the open-back Headphones

  1. Brilliant quality of sound

Thanks to the well-vented audiophile-grade in the design, the quality of sound in your open-back headphones would be considerably better than the normal headphones in the market. 

Along with the ability to breathe without hindrance caused by the pressure of sound in addition to the heat radiating from your body, this masterpiece is a comfortable partner for a long time without causing your head to pound. This would mean that your quality of sound would be the same at hour 5 as it is at hour 1. Just brilliance personified!

  1. No more sweaty ears

Imagine working with a pair of headphones without having to take them down every half an hour to wipe down the sweat. A nice and fresh air circulation along with no coiled-up heat will make sure that you can enjoy longer more comfortable listening sessions without anything holding you back. 

One of the most favorite of the gamers in the market, with amazing heat dispersal and passive cooling technique, these headphones the long days of game playing are now truly a blessing. 

  1. Lighter weight

For a thing that is supposed to rest on your head for an extended period of time, the principle of lighter the better totally applies. A fantastic sound quality paired up along with a lighter frame will make sure that you won’t tire out your ears during the long hours with your console. This will also make sure that you can forget about the apparel and just concentrate on the media

The weight in the open end of the headphones is distributed far from your ears levying mainly on the outside cups meaning they will feel lighter than they are. 

  1. More advanced Driver options

If you pick up an open-back headphone, you would be opening yourself up to the choice of a number of designs and technologies that will not be present in the counterparts. With a mature design and a better control palette, these headphones can be said to almost delve into your needs as if it was made for you. 

  1. The perfect partner for gaming

Headphones that understand and adjust according to the conditions of use, these open-back headphones prove to be an excellent addition to any gaming console. With the air not collecting between the panels and your ears, it will make sure that you don’t have to worry about a strain on your ears and can just sit and relax in your virtual reality. Does it get better than that?

10 Best Open Back Headphones

 Coming down to the main reason you clicked on this link, let us enquire about the best open-back Headphones in the market right now, and which one would be the perfect addition to your life? Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Sennheiser HD 600

A banner like Sennheiser has the audiophiles lingering after it ever since its conception, some going as far as to say that they are considered to be the most famous open-back headphones that are ever released in the market. Taking that with a pinch of salt, this amazing company released the HD 600 model in 1997, and then the adapted HD 660 S in 2017. 

Wondering how a pair of headphones that might be older than you are could compete with the newbies in the market right now? Well, that is just the story of the HD600 that has evolved and developed into a pair of headphones that could not only stand in front of all the competition but also being able to come out on the top! Let’s review the technical aspects:


One of the crucial questions that we ask ourselves before investing in every new device is the level of care it would require and how much it can endure, and the HD 600 is the star of the play here. Almost the entire concoction is replaceable and could be found easily online without having to empty up your pockets

Build Quality

The HD 600 though made up almost entirely of plastic, would not for one second let you feel a drop in the quality. With a durable and well-created design, the metal part located just between the ear cups and the headband gives a premium look and durability that can stand out in the competition. Coming to the earpads, they are made up of high-quality velour that would give your sound the extra something to make it an experience. 


If there was a competition for the most comfortable headphones, the Sennheiser HD 600 would definitely be in the top three. Not only would you not need any breaks while wearing these amazing headphones, but you can spend entire days wearing them. With a comfortable velour ear padding and a beautiful and comfortable fit, these are your perfect friend in summer and in winter. With a beautiful 9.17 ounce design with perfect weight balancing, these headphones are something that will be set on your head without any problem! Talk about a best friend. 


Accompanied along with a detachable oxygen free copper cable, the earcups are connected via 3.5mm and comes along with a ¼” adapter. Coming aside from the technical aspects, with all the pros of these headphones, they seem to be a little lacking in cable and the stock cable is just not living up to the price. But the Sennheiser brand has solved yet another problem by making them detachable!

Audio Quality

Considered to be one of the most transparent and natural recreations of sound, the HD 600, will grow from the head into an aural experience. Handling the bass clearly without any noise or distortion is something that is very impressive about this product. However, slight work can be done on the mid-bass and the upper bass. The place for trouble for these headphones comes in the levels of 3000 to 5000 Hz, making the high-density genres to be a little elevated at times. However, this is made up by the fact that the sound-staging of the headphones is something that will give you the grandeur of the location while sitting at home. 

Final review:

A perfect runner in the list of the best open-back headphones, the HD 600 is made for people who enjoy their sound as is and would like to add a little more to the media that they hear!

2. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (For the music lovers)

Best under 200$

Once in a while, there is a product in the market that will not only give you the best quality of performance but also comes along with a decent price for that, and the Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 Pro is just that perfection of a deal for you! Hailing from the fatherland of Germany, these headphones come with nothing but the best quality materials and a lot of focus and invention!

The DT990 Pro is the perfect point of confluence of the perfect use of professional mixing, editing and even mastering. With a transparent and clear bass, this is a perfect addition for any studio setting. The perfect addition to any respectable audiophile’s collection, this is the thing that has been calling to be the perfect partner for your compositions! Lets step down to the technical aspects of the same. 


Coming with a metal frame the DT 990 assures durability in both look and usage, however, it is suggested by the company to avoid putting it in a situation of pressure. It is therefore considered to be wise to avoid stuffing down the headphones in small and cumbersome places. The build of the headphones is majorly plastic, however, they come with a promise of durability and has seen positive results in almost every user. 

Build Quality

The first look of the headphones is a very sturdy one along with the metal headband, that sits solidly on your head without any wobbliness or instability. One thing to note hear however is that, these headphones are definitely not made for the situations of gym, physical activity, sports, or even a simple jog as people often find them slipping off with physical activity. That been said, in everyday life, these prove to be the perfect partner for a casual listening session. 


With large and padded cups, the DT 990 pro is promised to make sure that the listening is designed for every ear size! Having said that, this particular design has been causing some problems with the size of the headband and it not adjusting to the size of the head if not properly fitted. This can cause a little snugness in use. Another thing to consider in the physical aspects of the headphones is that the 3ft cable that it is attached to can be very heavy, often dragging down small devices. Just make sure your phone is not pulled along with your head bob!


Coiled up with a 3.5 mm cable that comes down to around 3.7 ft in length, these headphones are meant to be used on the high gear with a ¼”adapted that you can chose. With an impedance of 250 ohms, if you are surrounded by noise, these headphones can definitely help without having to max down the volume by phone. All in all the connectivity of the headphones is one of the most brilliant things about it. 

Audio Quality

The one thing that earns the Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 Pro its name on the list of the best open-back headphones is the excellent quality of sound that it comes along with. In this price range, this stands as a lone tower of excellence, with impressive highs and lows, managed along with just the perfect pinch of bass. One of the greatest qualities of the DT 990 Pro is its ability to keep the bass in check and letting the vocals of the song or any other media flourish without additional disturbances. With no lack in clarity, no distortion, and next to nothing crackling even at the high tones, the audio quality of these headphones is something that you can blindly trust!

Final review:

Though physically these headphones might not be the most accommodating, the sound quality coupled along with the price more than justifies the worth of the DT 990 Pro.

3. AKG Pro Audio K702 (Reference studio headphones)

Best Open Back Headphone Under 300$

The perfect combination of precision listening, mixing and mastering, the AKG Pro Audio K702 is something of a wonder in itself. Providing you with a combination of extremely accurate response along with agility and spaciousness, these headphones independently stand as one of the best open-back headphones in the market purely on this!

With the outstanding revolutionary flat wire coils banked up along with the Varimotion two-layer diaphragm, this piece of technology comes along with an open design and a high-performance cable! What can be better? Getting down to the technical stuff:


A plastic body combined with a metal headband, the durability of the K702 is something that is the first thing everyone notice. Though obviously these headphones require the basic points of care and concern, they can handle a certain level of roughhousing. With almost all parts available on the internet, this is a wise investment when taken in terms of the durability. 

Built Quality 

With a decent build quality that comes along with dense ear cups and a flexible enough to handle an above-average amount of stress. However one thing to note here is the headband is made up with a lot of moving parts that can be a certain point of potential damage. The open-back ear cups are large and circular and covered in a suede-like padding that gives the headphones a premium appeal. One thing that was a little different for the daily users is the size that might not be appropriate for casual listening. 


The one thing that no one wants from their headphones is pain after a duration of time that render the device useless. If you count yourself among those people, the K702 is something that is built in just for you! Equipped with Unique 3D-Form ear pads and an ergonomic padded genuine-leather headband these headphones ensure that you remain pain-free and comfortable, even during the longest of sessions. The ear pads feature an innovative gel construction with a super-soft lining. Plus, with the self-adjusting headband design, you’ll never have to worry about fiddling with positions ever again.


With a driver size of 45mm and an audio frequency of 10-39800, there is not much that goes wrong with the connectivity of k702. Another beautiful aspect of the k702 is the AKG flat-wire voice-coil technology that helps the accurate, natural, and spacious sound. Along with this an impedance 62 ohm, these headphones can make up for a noisy environment very easily without having to blast the phone volume. Along with all this, it comes with a 3m cable that allows you for a comparatively free movement space. 

Audio Quality

Coming back to one of the most important aspects of any pair of headphones is the quality of its audio and the AKG Pro Audio k702 does not disappoint in this department either. Named one of the best for casual and neutral listening, the pair of headphones make up a great itinerary with well balanced middle and trebles and an amazing quality of the base. One of the things that the k702 is famous for is the spacious sound staging that will give you an experience of your media!

Final review:

All in all, this poses out to be a safe investment if you find yourself sitting at home listening to music a lot. With little to complain about, the one little flaw the headphones might have is that they might be a little too big for people with small heads.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X (For the gamers)

If you have been praying for a pair of headphones that comes with a report card of an A lister but doesn’t empty your pocket with its price range, the Audio Technica ATH-AD500X is your godsent. With an amazing versatility combined along with a quality of price, this is one of the best beginner audiophile headphones.

A pair of headphones that are designed to keep the gamers in mind, the ATH-AD500X is one of the favorites thanks to its precise positioning and amazing soundstage that makes your virtual experience into a real one! Coming down to the technicalities:


A pair of bulky looking lightweight headphones, these headphones are made to be used in a comfortable setting. Though they might look sturdy, people have found them to fall under the conditions of stress. However, keeping aside a few points of weakness, these headphones are almost close to a sturdy pair that will last with you for a long time if you just handle them with a little care. 

Build Quality

Made up of basic and yet durable materials, the ATH-AD500X is the living proof of the best in simplicity. Complete with an aluminium casing, magnesium framing and velour earpads, the headphones is finished with just a touch of plastic for extra durability. With a 53mm driver attached in the open air cans that will conform around your ears, you will not have to worry about the headphones leaching down on your ears. However one thing to note here is that, these headphones might not prove to be the best travelling partner due to its build. 


The thing that earns the ATH-AD500X its name in the list of the best open-back headphones is the design that supports the comfort of the user. With a weight profile of only 8.32 ounces, these headphones would feel almost absent on your head while still providing the best of the sound. Coming to the earpads, you would not be disappointed with the large, soft, and spacious design that will be perfect for any size of ear. Along with this, the 2-rod headband comes along with the perfect combination of self-adjusting wing system that will fit according to your head. The singular drawback can be considered that the cable of the headphones is permanently attached and might prove to be a weak point in terms of the breaking part. 


The cable of the headphones come along with a gold plated 3.5 mm plus and a ¼ adapter for the amplifiers. With an impressive 48 ohms, the users can use these headphones with a simple 3.5mm port in most of the cases of use. Around 10ft of the cable might not prove to be ideal in every circumstance but is definitely appreciated in gaming and mixing of music. 

Audio quality

The headphones don’t only stand out in quality in their own price range but gives the higher ups a run for their money. With an amazing audio fidelity, the ATH-AD500X gives the perfect soothing range of beats and a minimalized and well-coordinated base. Having said this, please do not assume that the headphones lack base altogether, for they come with a well balanced alternative with no distortion and no treble spikes! With a brilliant sound stage and sound separation, this is a hot favourite for first person shooter titles. 

Final review:

With the quality of sound like this accompanied along with a price range like this, it is not often that we can decide that there is almost nothing wrong with this piece of technology!

5. Sennheiser HD 599 SE

Another product from the Sennheiser band wagon that guarantees that your sound is not just limited to an addition to your media, but takes you a step closer to experiencing its worth. With a truly beautiful sound quality accompanied with the brand name like that, the HD599 SE is one of the best entry-level audiophile. 

With a heart-throbbingly beautiful design of all brown and ivory accent markings, this has fully captured and encompassed the traits of the target audience! Moving on from the cosmetics to the practical technicalities:


A beautiful design of the HD 599 SE comprises mainly of plastic and that is always a concern while shilling out big bucks for your headphones. However, the Sennheiser brand is always loyal to its customers, and the headphones come along with a brilliant replaceable design. 

Build Quality

Coming back to the fact that the headphones are made up entirely of plastic, we kindly request to not undermine the quality of the headphones for it is not just any other brittle toy. With a durable, tough and super flexible design, you will need a lot to finally break the headphones. 


Padded headphones compiled along with extra luxurious earpads, that can simply allow you to stretch your listening lessons for hours, there is not much that will disturb you while using these headphones. Even for the people who wear specks or like to wear shades often, these headphones accommodates your need. The open-back design is amazingly true to its name providing you the perfect spatial presentation you need. 


With an option between a 10ft cable compiled with a 6.3mm jack, this amazing device can be connected to everything from the mobile in your hand to the home theatre in your lounge. Along with this, you can choose a 4ft cable paired along with a 3.5mm jack that will make your use of a laptop, tablet, or even computer for a confined space of use. 

Audio Quality

With a mature sound that is decorated with an extended treble, reasonable bass, and a beautiful midrange, there is not much negative that one can say about the HD599’s sound quality. The perfect combination of detail, dynamics, and crystal clarity, these headphones are perfect for any genre ranging from pop to the blues, making it just the perfect fit for casual listening!

Final review:

A perfect combination of beauty and sound, these headphones are just the right combination of everything and definitely justifies their price!

6. Philips SHP9500 (Simplistic perfection)

Another famous name making up products that help your virtual life compete for reality, introduces its SHP9500 to the market with a promise of beauty, build, and clarity. Also if you’re looking for open-back headphone under 100$ then this is the one. With a perfect score on the physical aspects, what steals the show, in the end, is the amazing convenience of use that will help you use these headphones for just about any purpose. What can be better than that? Moving on to the technical aspects:


Padded with the brilliant build quality, the durability of the Philips brand has never wavered in terms of headphones and the SHP9500 continues on that same legacy! With the metal bands holding the earpieces together, these headphones come with almost zero fault points. That been said, it is wise not to test on the sturdiness test on the product you invest in!

Build Quality

If there was a perfect combination of simplistic and yet effective, the Philips SHP9500 is definitely a close second. With a black matte color complemented by a beautiful and sturdy metal frame, the headphones are nothing short of phenomenal in cosmetic appearance. If we had to split hair and find a fault with the device, it would be the earcups that appear to be just a tiny bit bigger for their size. Moving on to the materials that the headphones are made of, it is a brilliant little piece comprising of plastic along with a metal frame to handle all you have to offer!


Another addition to the list of pros of the SHP9500 is the design made for comfort that helps you find just the perfect confluence point of relaxation and functionality. This means that these headphones weighing a measly 11.29 ounces though might be a little noticeable but hardly ever become bother in the longer duration of use. With good ventilation and a brilliant design, we do not have many problems in the case of comfort for these little technological prodigies. 


Complete with a 10 foot gold plated removable cable and a 3.5mm jack, these headphones do not constrict your working function. If you are a fan of online gaming, the headphones come with an additional functionality of adding a microphone. However one thing to note here is that it is a highly indoor headphones purely due to the length of its cable. 

Audio Quality

A product that is made for neutral listening, the 50mm driver makes sure that you have ample space for your comfort. The thing to consider here is that if you have the use of the headphones for critical analysis of music or sound, these might not be right for you as they are focussed mainly on the mid-range, and might not cope too well with the highs and lows of the tunes. But on the whole if your requirement is satisfied along with clarity and perfection of bass, this is the perfect pair of headphones for you. 

Final review:

It is a good investment, if you are looking to a session of casual listening, but might not be a good choice for critical listening. 

 7. Grado SR80e Prestige

Though considered to be a rather unknown name on the list, the Grado SR80e Prestige series is one of the best high quality products that has earned its name on the list of the best open-back headphones, thanks to the sheer effort and brilliance that these headphones stand for. Known for their production of audio equipment outside the web of the Chinese market, these hail from Brooklyn, New York and you can instantly feel the difference of use. Let us now dazzle you with its achievement in the technical field. 


One of the first things that you would consider in the case of any headphones is the durability and the SR80e Prestige series doesn’t disappoint in this case. Moving away from the cheapness of products as seen in its competitors, it has foam pads that are thicker and larger than others and would not only withstand the day to day use with ease but might even survive mild manhandling without a scratch. 

Build Quality

Getting a retro-inspired look back into the market, these headphones come with an extremely unique look that stands unchallenged by all its competition. With perfectly round earcups with foam earpads, these headphones are made entirely for your convenience. Don’t worry about the durability for the ear cups are easily exchangeable. Extending beyond the plastic driver, these headphones are brilliant for any size of ear. Complete with a faux leather headband, this is the perfect window into vintage with a radio set head-feel.


One of the biggest problems while using your headphones for an extended period of time is the wrap on your ears, and the SR80e Prestige series takes a step away from that. Offering you with an on-ear fit instead, these headphones are the perfect combination of comfort and stability. 


Equipped with a rubber cable that works better than it sounds, the connectivity of these headphones is nothing to worry about. With this 7ft cable, the one thing to take care is to never push on the Y-shaped splinted between the two ear pieces. The length of the cable is perfect for a day to day management making them a perfect partner for everything. 

Audio Quality

The thing that earns, SR80e Prestige series its name on the list of the best open-back headphones is the quality of its audio. Ranging from pop to the classical genre, there is not one place that the headphones lack. Moving on the latest genre of music however, the bass falls a little short on the EDM kind of music as the mid-range extends deeply and might not be able to reproduce the effect you need!

Final review:

A perfect thing to buy if you are looking for a good quality product at a decent price for neutral listening. 

8. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

Considered to be one of the most outstanding model in the list of the Philips open-back list, the X2HR is something that has been brewing up on every social media site since quiet a while. In just under 100 dollars you are promised an exceptional build with a more than brilliant performance that is not matched by any. A pair of headphones that are said to do just about everything! Lets fact checks that with the technicalities. 


Hailing from the Philips pride the Audio Fidelio X2HR are built like a tank that can withstand high levels of friction thanks to its brilliant structure and design! With a promise to last a lifetime, this is a product that steals the show right from the durability to the sound quality, and what’s more, it will stay with you for as long as you need it to. 

Build Quality

Made up with almost unbelievable high-quality materials, these headphones belongs in the collection of every self-respecting audiophile. With a Steel tube of genuine

leather and a self-adjusting hammock beneath the headband, these headphones is anything and everything from a lightweight device to a flexible product that will make you more and more proud of its build quality!


Weighing a significant 13.4 ounces, the Philips Fidelio X2HR is considerably heavier than its competitors, however, they are designed in a way that you will not have to feel that. The weight is distributed evenly and even with a long duration of use, your neck will not be sore from the weight. Along with this, it features thick memory foam on the earpads (that are replaceable with constant years of use), covering 50mm drivers that make it a perfect fit for any size of ears. 


Connected up with a 3.5mm oxygen-free detachable braided 10ft long cable, these headphones sport a 6.3mm adapter. One thing that the Philips brand has unique in the competition is the management of the cable with a clip. The perfect connection to any gaming console, you wouldn’t have to worry about the audio leakage. However, working with microphones, channel leakage is a thing that is noticed in the X2HR system of operation. 

Audio Quality

The sound quality and balance of the X2HR can be best described as smooth and warm, with textured vocals accompanied by round and low bass, which makes it a perfect place for everything from Jazz to EDM. Detailed highs, without distortion and breaking coming low with beautiful drops and exquisite bass, these are perfect for almost any genre of music. Another thing that steals the show is the brilliant sound stage making it a fan favorite for first-person operational games!

Final review:

This is a device that is made up for people who enjoy a varied palette of music and those who want to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality!

9. Audio-Technica ATH AD700X (Realist recreation of sound)

Best in open back under 150$

The natural recreation of sound is something that many headphones struggle with but that the Audio-Technica ATH AD700X has accomplished with nonchalance. With an undisturbed purity of sound that will make long sessions of use, a dream come true, this is the headphone if you want to try critical listening. 


Just like the ATH-AD500X the 700X model is something that will not worry you too much with the regular use in the home. The thing to consider here is when you take a step outside of the house for the 3D wing support system of the headphones is something that can be changed. It is therefore very important that you do not stuff them in a bag, making it an unlikely travel partner. 

Build Quality

One of the most uniquely designed headphones on the list, the ATH AD700X is one of the most brilliant pieces of the invention in terms of technology and use. With a Self-adjusting 3D wing support, these headphones automatically adjust according to the size of your head. The earcups, however, can prove to be a little big for people with small heads, which is something that you might want to consider here. 


A beautiful sensation of comfort on the skin, the headphones though may physically not be much, provide a sensational alleviation in operation. The “big” size of the cups has a positive in terms of comfort of use which many people find without stuffing up their ears in. The placement of the cable though permanent allows movement in the daily task making it easier for a session of casual listening. 


Accompanier with a 1.8” connection allowing the headphones to be hooked up to almost any device, these audiophile headphones definitely don’t have bounds to their connectivity. With a simple hook up to an amp, these are one of the most versatile and dynamic in terms of the connection possibility. 

Audio Quality

If there was one place that the ATH AD700X is slightly lacking it would be in the level of bass. With an extended middle and low zone for the perfect recreation of sound, the level of bass falls and would only work well with a good quality amp. Having said this, these headphones are known for their close to life recreation of sounds that will make sure that you have nothing but the best!

Final review:

It is a perfectly comfortable device that will get you where you want to be in terms of critical listening and sound separation. However, if you are a fan of EDM or other bass-heavy music genres, these headphones might not be a good option for you.

10. Samson SR850

Best Open Back Headphone under 50$

What if we told you that here in the competition of hundreds of dollars, there is a piece of technology that can create equal if not better results? Yes, you heard it right! With the brilliant Samson SR850, our list of the best open-back headphones has come to a new height of customer satisfaction. Designed taking the help of musicians and singers combined along with sound engineers, the perfect sound balance provides a beautiful and resonant recreation of the aural waves. Let us test it on the technicalities. 


With a semi-cheap design and thing plastic feel, the headphones are not much to look at in the terms of cosmetic feel. However, with a price like this, it is really a steal with amazing functionality!

Build Quality

Seemingly replicating the AKG K240, the build quality of the Samson SR850 is not much as compared to the others on the list. The open ear design provides a refurbished listening for ambient sounds, a true tone to sound surroundings, and refined stereo imaging, making up for the faults mentioned before. Using the 50mm drivers, the Samson SR850 offers an amazing dynamic range. 


Providing a decent design complete with a self-adjusting headband, the headphones can be used for a long period of time without having any problems. The thin plastic that people often scoff down on, would provide a perfect set-up for the earphones to set according to the shape of your head!


A comparatively orthodox connection of a gold plated 1.8”, 8.2 inch cable, this provides you a decent myriad of options to connect with. These headphones may not be suitable for each and every device but cover a decent lot as compared to its price partners. 

Audio Quality

The audio quality of these headphones is where it earns its name on the list of the best open headphones. With brilliantly designed headphones, there is not much to complain about here. With the best all-around experience, with crisp clean vocals, to the deep lows for the bass enthusiasts and transparent and detailed highs, these headphones cater to any genre of music with no sound-leak technology! Steals the show, doesn’t it?

Final Review:

These headphones are perfect for people who want to have the best price along with the best sound though you may need to overlook the looks and build!


The world of reality is merging with the virtual, and the aural is the way to make the merge happen! Make sure that you have the perfect piece to help you find the one that will fit in your life, seamlessly by matching up your list of pros and cons with our comprehensive guide on the best open-back headphones in the market today!

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