Bilt Rewards Review: Earn Points for Rent and Purchases

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Bilt Rewards Review: Earn Points for Rent and Purchases

Bilt Rewards is a unique program that allows you to earn points for rent payments and purchases, which can then be used for various rewards. After analyzing customer feedback, here’s a comprehensive review of the Bilt Rewards program.


Bilt Rewards offers the convenience of earning points for rent payments, making it an attractive option for individuals looking to maximize their rewards. Additionally, the program allows users to earn points for all purchases, including rent payments, and offers promotions with 2x and 3x points every month.


One of the major benefits of Bilt Rewards is the ability to use points for purchases on Amazon. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the seamless process of using rewards points for their Amazon purchases. The program also offers replacement for mobile phones paid with Bilt, adding further value to the rewards system.


  • Earn points for rent payments and all purchases
  • Use points for Amazon purchases
  • Monthly 2x and 3x point promotions
  • Mobile phone replacement paid with Bilt


Some users have reported issues with Bilt’s autopay malfunction, resulting in overcharging. Additionally, there have been complaints about the customer service, citing poor response time and limited communication channels.

Final Verdict

Overall, Bilt Rewards presents an innovative way to earn rewards for rent payments and purchases. The ability to use points for Amazon purchases and the monthly point promotions add significant value to the program. However, the reported issues with autopay malfunction and customer service should be taken into consideration before fully committing to the program.

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