Chronic Love: Trusting God While Suffering with A Chronic Illness Review

Chronic Love: Trusting God While Suffering with A Chronic Illness is a deeply moving and insightful book that offers profound comfort and strength to those battling chronic illness. The author, Brooke Bartz, provides a raw and descriptive account of life with a chronic and debilitating illness, while also sharing how solace and fortitude can be found through the Truth in God’s Word.

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The book is specifically designed for women dealing with chronic illness, aiming to provide solid Scriptural encouragement for the fight. It delves deep into the context of well-known verses, offering lasting comfort rather than quick-fix counseling.

One of the standout features of Chronic Love is its ability to intertwine personal experiences with relevant scripture, making it relatable and impactful. The author’s writing style is both engaging and theologically sound, offering a blend of personal stories and rich theology.


  • Insightful and relatable content
  • Strong theological foundation
  • Engaging writing style
  • Offers comfort and strength


  • Some readers may find the writing style overly descriptive
  • May not suit those seeking a quick-fix approach

Chronic Love Book

Many readers have found Chronic Love to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. The book’s ability to address the thoughts, fears, and struggles of those suffering from chronic illnesses, while emphasizing the necessity of trusting in the sovereignty of God, has resonated deeply with its audience.

While some readers have found the writing style to be overly descriptive, the majority have appreciated the blend of personal experiences and theological insights. The book has been praised for its ability to provide comfort and strength, making it a valuable resource for individuals battling chronic illness, as well as those caring for them.

Overall, Chronic Love: Trusting God While Suffering with A Chronic Illness is a highly recommended read for anyone seeking solace, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of God’s Word in the midst of chronic illness.

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