How To Connect Bluetooth Device To Nintendo Switch And Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is among the most popular systems for those who prefer portability. What better way to increase mobility and convenience than to combine it with a few wireless devices? The Nintendo Switch may now connect to Bluetooth headphones of your choice. Switch and Switch Lite owners already have the new firmware installed on their handheld consoles!

To give you an idea of how long it took Nintendo to activate the function, it took them four years. However, users could only connect Bluetooth-enabled controllers to the Switch consoles before introducing this update, and they could not attach an audio device. Here’s how to connect the Bluetooth audio devices to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

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Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth device to the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can use Switch with your Bluetooth headphones. However, this is a recent development. The switch was not meant to function with Bluetooth headphones at first, as previously stated. It is due to the fact that Bluetooth connection was only made available to its wireless controllers and nothing else. Adding Bluetooth audio capability was just not possible due to space limitations.

A solution was not offered until Nintendo published the Switch 4.0 system update. Bluetooth headphones were enabled on Nintendo Switch through Bluetooth adapters with this update. While the update was fantastic, it wasn’t without flaws, as it needed users to spend extra money on Bluetooth audio dongles and make a few modifications to their settings for it to operate.

Nintendo’s announcement of built-in Bluetooth audio capability in its most recent update, version 13.0, in September 2021 shocked the Switch community. Unfortunately, there are certain restrictions associated with this new function. If you have Bluetooth headphones on, you can’t use more than 2 wireless controllers at once. As time goes on, we’ll go through this in more detail.

How to Connect The Bluetooth device to The Nintendo Switch

Here are the steps to getting the update and connecting your Switch to a set of headphones or speakers. When everything is in place, connect both devices by following the procedures below:

Step 1: Verify that the software on your Switch is up to date

The most recent version of your Bluetooth audio device’s software must be confirmed before it may be connected through Bluetooth. To see what version of the console’s software you’re using, follow these steps:

  • On the Nintendo Switch console, go to System Settings. To do so, choose the Gear symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • The latest version of your system should be visible on the right of the screen if you scroll down to System.

This feature is only available if your console uses version 13.0.0 or above. So if your smartphone is running a lesser version, you must upgrade your device to the latest version. You may skip step 2 if your software is installed version 13.0.0 or above.

Step 2: Update the Nintendo Switch Software

To upgrade your Nintendo Switch system, choose ‘System Update’ from the main menu. If there is an update, your system will look for it & download it if it is available. A restart of your device will be required after the download and installation of the update.

Step 3: Set up your Bluetooth Audio Device

Once you have installed the necessary software to support Bluetooth audio devices, you may proceed to connect the Bluetooth audio device by following the instructions listed below.

  • Open to the System Settings menu.
  • Using the left pane of the page, scroll down to the end. A new option named Bluetooth Audio should appear.
  • On the right pane, choose Pair Device. To turn off Airplane Mode, you’ll be prompted if you have it activated.
  • Before joining the speaker with your Bluetooth device, ensure it is in pairing mode.
  • Any Bluetooth devices nearby will be scanned for by the console.
  • Select your Bluetooth device after it appears, and the console will connect with it.

Awesome! Now you can enjoy your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers on your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. That’s all there is to it. Finally, you’ll be able to play games just on the go without the need for third-party attachments, thanks to your Switch’s ability to connect wirelessly to your headphones.

Limitations and Issues of Nintendo Switch’s Bluetooth Audio Support

There are certain drawbacks to the console’s new built-in Bluetooth audio capabilities, although minor. Listed below are a few examples of the system’s failings:

  • Bluetooth audio has certain limits, according to Nintendo. For example, instead of the customary eight controllers, you can only couple a maximum of two to the Switch while using Bluetooth headphones. Additionally, Bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone will not operate.
  • If you’re utilizing a Bluetooth device, your Nintendo Switch will inform you that “you may suffer delay.” Even while this isn’t unheard of with Bluetooth audio equipment, it’s worth mentioning. As more software upgrades are released, latency should become less an issue and impact fewer devices.
  • Only two wireless controllers may be connected to the console when it is in Bluetooth audio mode. A single set of Joy-Con controllers counts as two, according to Nintendo. For two-player games using Bluetooth headphones, both players will need to turn their Joy-Con controllers so that they can hold them comfortably.
  • A maximum of 10 Bluetooth audio devices may be stored on the Nintendo Switch, but only one may be associated at any one moment. Local wireless multiplayer will not operate with Bluetooth audio, and even Bluetooth microphones will not be supported.
  • Your headset’s microphone is disabled by default on the Nintendo Switch since it does not support Bluetooth microphones. Even though most Switch games don’t allow mic audio, this might be a significant inconvenience if you want to use your headphones to speak with other players through voice chat.
  • We’ve heard several complaints about this new functionality, such as delayed wake-up times and audio quality differences across different Bluetooth headphones. Remove any associated devices, turn off your Switch by holding the top button, then restart it after 30 seconds if you have any issues.
  • The Controllers menu will not be accessible while Bluetooth audio is connected, and you will not be able to search or rearrange controllers when Bluetooth audio is attached.

Note: Keep in mind that this is a new feature, so if one set of headphones doesn’t connect successfully, you may have a better experience with a different pair.

Final Thought

Your Bluetooth devices have now been connected to your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, and you can listen to music through them now. When using a Bluetooth dongle with the headphone jack or USB-C port, you could only associate your wireless audio devices with the dongle. If you wish to connect a second pair of devices, repeat the procedure and choose the second item from the list.

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