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The ‘Ketchup Chip’ flavor, a mainstay snack in several countries, had been an enigma to me until a recent trip abroad, where I was afforded the opportunity to taste these captivating treats. A single bag was all it took to make me a firm believer in the power of this tangy, sweet and slightly spicy symphony of taste.

Now, Dorito’s, renowned for their finger-licking flavors, has expertly curated this popular international delicacy for the local audience with their own spin – and they’ve hit a home run. The chips carry an intoxicating aroma, a bold balance of sweet and tangy ketchup, flawlessly fused with the classic Dorito’s crunch we have come to love and crave.

The intriguing dance of flavors starts subtly, letting the ketchup sweetness gently greet your taste buds, followed by a tangy tickle, all culminating in a satisfyingly salty finish. The flavors are pronounced but not overpowering, creating an exciting taste profile that leaves you reaching for just one more chip…and then another.

Skepticism can often accompany novelty, especially in the world of flavors. It might be easy to dismiss such a venture into the unusual as mere novelty, but to do so would be a disservice to the culinary adventure that awaits you with Dorito’s Tangy Ketchup Chips. I implore you to not let preconceived notions confine your taste buds. Open your palate, and let it be pleasantly surprised.

In this simple bag of chips, Dorito’s has once again shown their knack for pushing boundaries while staying true to their commitment to quality, taste, and texture. Dorito’s Tangy Ketchup Chips are more than just a snack; they are an invitation to venture outside your culinary comfort zone and discover a taste that is genuinely rewarding.


  • Intoxicating aroma
  • Perfect balance of sweet and tangy ketchup
  • Classic Dorito’s crunch
  • Exciting taste profile


  • May not be suitable for those who dislike tangy flavors
  • Not widely available in all regions

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