Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Nullify Made in USA Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine; Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control Ultra fast drying; For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow. Rated power 1600watts Includes: Magnetic attachments Dyson smoothing noozle, styling concentrator, and diffuser Lightweight and balanced; We’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle Acoustically tuned; The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency Cool to touch; With heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool Includes: 4 precise heat settings fast drying & styling, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold Includes: 3 precise speed settings fast drying, regular drying and gentle drying. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Absolutely the best blow dryer I have ever used or owned. The cost of the product seems VERY high, however this is absoluty a product that you get what you pay for. I’ve used it on my natural hair and it was insanely fast at drying my hair along with staying at a temperature that has never burned my scalp or my hair. I’ve had tape in extensions and now sewn in extension over the last 6 years and this blow dryer is by far the best I’ve ever used when it comes to extensions as well. Everything above applies with my extensions, if not it seems to have been made for every type of hair real, fake or whatever the texture or kind of hair anyone was born with, purchased, real or fake. I’ve even used it in my fun wigs I wear on occasion when I feel like changing up my hair and it is the only blow dryer that I’ve ever owned that hasn’t ruined any wig I’ve owned either. It is extremely durable, I’ve dropped it many times, the parts are easily applied or removed for the tip of the dryer as well. Also very light in weight, and travels better than any other hair tools I pack.Definite worth it. I will only own this blow dryer now that I know how great it really is! This is a review for the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia.and Silver White. I am a big fan of Dyson dryers and vacuums even though they’re often fairly pricey. With their products, you actually get what you pay for. I bought one of these hair dryers last year and aside from the fact it’s super cool looking, I am so pleased with the way it works.The dryer is incredibly lightweight which is a big deal, especially for those of us who have thick hair and want to spend as little time as possible holding up a dryer. It’s cut my hair-drying time by half. My arms don’t get tired drying my hair AND, it’s not as noisy as my other hair dryers.Because I wanted to get a professional stylist’s opinion, I gave one to my friend who works at a salon. She loves it, and we discussed all the pros and cons.Pros:• Drys hair faster.• it’s lightweight and nice and compact.• Hair doesn’t get sucked into motor since it doesn’t have a fan – so you don’t damage or burn your hair by getting it caught in a fan.• it come with 3 great attachments, even a defuser for curly hair.Cons:• The cord is big and bulky not as easy to wrap up and store.So I am recommending this hair dryer for all the reasons listed above. I love it. I live in a humid climate so drying my hair is a miserable sweaty experience! I often feel as if I have to wash and dry my hair so much to avoid the friz that I was worrying I was ruining my hair. I saw this at a store and mentioned to my husband that it would be a dream to have since all the other Dyson products we have are easy to use and do the job well. The dryer is lightweight, incredibly easy to hold (I have long hair), powerful, and quiet! There is a bit of a learning curve when using it for the first time, and the most important one is that it is powerful! I was so used to using the high heat setting on my old hair dryers (getting rid of friz!) that I just assumed I should with this one too. Not so. Once I turned down the heat and speed, I was thrilled with the results. My hair feels healthy and I can go many days without having to wash (remember humid climate so this is a big deal!). I work out often so my hair gets sweaty, but I have found that I can just dry my hair quickly to reset. It is really easy to clean and I don’t get hair stuck in the intake.Now for the cons:Bulky Cord: The cord is pretty substantial and it is hard to store. Seriously, this part doesn’t bother me (and I live in a small house!). The other hair dryers are large and cumbersome too. Eventually, Dyson will figure out how to have the cord plug in and charge like our phones.Cost: It is hard to justify this because only time will tell. This is new technology so I am assuming it will improve and become more mainstream, therefore, lowering the cost. BUT, right now, this item is worth it! I’m calling this the first review of my purchase because I just got it delivered yesterday and I have only used it once but if the first time is any indication of how this hair dryer is going to perform then I have died and gone to hair dryer heaven!! The reason I am saying that this is my first review is because I want to reserve the right to return later and post updates in the event it really is too good to be true. I have read a few other reviewers that have said their hair dryer stopped working in a short amount of time. Also, I owned a Dyson vacuum cleaner and took very good care of it only to have it stop working shortly after a year of owning it and OF COURSE I couldn’t find my warranty information so that was my loss. But I don’t feel at the price one pays for Dyson products that they should stop working in such a short amount of time especially if proper care has been given. Hence I am reserving the right for later posts. Ok…moving along to the review of the hair dryer. Again, I am in hair dryer heaven!! I have read some reviews that the dryer wasn’t worth the price but for me it was worth every single penny and then some!!! I have long hair (well below the shoulders) and I color it and put highlights in it and lately it had begun to frizz and look dull. After my first use it was like night and day. My hair was so soft and shiny with absolutely no frizz. It literally looked as though I had just had it professionally done. My typical dry time can take a little more than 10 minutes but with the Dyson it was about 5 minutes. And unlike other hair dryers that can make you hot I did not get heated at all!! I live in Florida and dreaded doing my hair in the summer because of the heat most hair dryers put out. This hair dryer doesn’t do that. I am absolutely thrilled with this hair dryer and while I realize it is ridiculously expensive I am a firm believer in you-get-what-you-pay-for. This time I have registered my Dyson warranty (and yes you get a warranty even if you purchase it on Amazon) and put it in a safe place just in case. I am really hoping I won’t need it but I’ll let y’all know in a future post if I do. Otherwise, I highly recommend this purchase. It truly lives up to the hype!!!!!! First of, when first bought this hair dryer I thought I was nut because it is expensive. Especially when seeing average $50 of other dryer. However, my wife has owned a German made dryer from early 90s and it is still working so I thought to myself if this one could get half a life of that it worth it. OK, initially I hated it because it is clunky compares to the German made. However, over time it has grown on me especially after getting used to the weight distribution of this dryer which is in the handle. What WE like about it: Fast dry time, quietness, easy to maneuver, magnet attachments, well built, compactness (much shorter than others so your arm does not have to extend away from your body). What I did not like about: initial price, power cable is too thick. However, after 6 months of use all my dislikes are gone, now I think this hair dryer worth every penny. I am a frugal person and this to me is a good buy. This hairdryer is amazing. I have thick, just above shoulder length hair. My goal is to spend as little time as possible drying/styling my hair without having it look like I spent as little time as possible. The short story is this hairdryer delivers, and then some. I was skeptical that this purchase would be worth it, but I figured it’s returnable so might as well give it a shot. Part of the reason I’m pleased with the results may be because, after spending such a crazy amount (IMO) for a hairdryer, I actually took the time to watch a couple of the videos so I’d know how to get the most out of it. Admittedly, I probably should have been following some of those techniques with my other model, but….. Regardless, not only does this dryer work very quickly, I can get what I’d call a ‘salon-like finish’ as opposed to the ‘not quite there’ look i had with my former dryer. The other surprising thing is that my hair needs very minimal styling on day 2 (I shampoo and condition every other day), which is awesome.The only negative I have is the size of the plug and cord, as mentioned by others. However, I don’t have a lot of heartburn about this.My recommendation: Give it a try – you’ll be thankful every day for the time you save. I bought my hair dryer in July of 2019. It quit working in early 2022. This is unacceptable for a hair dryer that costs $400! Of those 2 1/2 years that I owned it, two of the years were Covid years, meaning the dryer was used maybe once a week. Dyson did some trouble shooting with me, then had me call the service center. The “best they could do” was to offer to fix the power cord for $170 OR offer a refurbished hair dryer for $150. If anyone reads this, please please please consider other hair dryer options. You can find an awesome hair dryer for $150 and I’ll bet it doesn’t crap out on you after such minimal use. Be aware that this particular unit is coming from Japan and conforms to the Japanese market and power requirements. All the manuals and documentation and everything written on the box is in Kanji, so if your Japanese is rusty, you are going to have to figure it all out yourself. Also, the unit is NOT happy running on US 120V power even though the plug fits a standard US receptacle. The unit will quickly notice what it considers to be an overvoltage condition and shut itself down before you even get a chance to hold it up to your head. To get this to work reliably in the US, you will need a 120V to 100V converter or transformer rated at 1200 watts or higher. I can’t even find such a thing on Amazon…..I did finally find a suitable transformer on Amazon (Search for the ACUPWR AJD-1400) which is not cheap but works perfectly and reliably. Once it is paired with an appropriate power source, the Dyson hairdryer is a joy to use. It is amazingly light and maneuverable. It is not exactly quiet, but easily only makes about half the level of sound that the average hairdryer puts out. You can hold a conversation with someone while using it without having to shout. The quality and engineering of the unit are truly amazing. It lives up to the hype, in my opinion. If you absolutely cannot wait until September to get your hands on one in the USA, this is your only option and it will cost you a pretty penny. J’utilise le sèche-cheveux chez moi. C’est le meilleur. Ottimo asciugacapelli This is the third dyson we purchased. Finally needed one for European travel. Works better than others. Relatively quiet and really good. Get one! O secador é leve e muito eficiente. Não resseca o cabelo e é fácil de utilizar. A tomada não está adaptada ao sistema brasileiro (3 pinos), mas funcionou muito bem com um adaptador de tomadas. Produto ideal para cabelos cacheados! Didn’t realise was £80 more expensive than direct from Dyson, but all fears about being a fake product and being able to register were alleviated – Product code went straight through and Dyson immediately accepted registration. Product arrived just in time for Christmas (ordered on 21st) so really impressed and happy, despite having to pay a little bit more.

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