EA SPORTS UFC 4 – PlayStation 4 review

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EA SPORTS UFC 4 – PlayStation 4 is a game that truly puts ‘you’ at the center of every fight. With new venues and blitz battles, this game offers a thrilling experience for UFC enthusiasts. The simplified ground game controls make it accessible for both new and experienced players.

One of the standout features of this game is the simplified ground game controls, which allow players to get in there with anyone and hold their own. The hybrid approach option provides control over the ground game while offering quick submissions and standing up. The game is very accessible and offers a realistic experience, especially for those who enjoy standing and throwing hands in these games.

However, there are some criticisms about the game. The backyard and Kumite modes are fun but are limited to exhibition only. Injuries in career mode seem to have little impact, and the framerate can be an issue at times, especially on PS4.

Despite the drawbacks, the game has several positives. The career mode offers a lot of realism with fight contracts, sparring, and training between fights. The blitz mode is a fun, quick-fire tournament with other players, and the game’s presentation feels authentic, with impressive graphics and a real-life feel.

Overall, EA SPORTS UFC 4 – PlayStation 4 is worth considering for both casual fans and those who have played previous games in the series. It may not be for series enthusiasts, but for those who have been away from the series for a while, this is the game to get. The absence of Ultimate Team and minimal microtransactions make it a worthwhile purchase.

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