Eastward – Nintendo Switch Review

Welcome to the charming world of Eastward! Escape the tyrannical clutches of subterranean society and join the unlikely duo, Sam and John, on an exciting adventure to the land above. In the near future, society is fast hurtling down the path of destruction, and an unknown, toxic presence has spread and poisoned the air. Those who could escape flocked to villages underground to start a new life. In Eastward, you will discover delightful towns, strange creatures, and even stranger new friends in the beautiful yet bizarre settlements as you travel across the world.

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Eastward for Nintendo Switch is a delightful RPG that has captured the hearts of many players. The game is a love letter to RPGs, with heavy Earthbound influences evident throughout. The art, music, and personality of the characters are truly lovely. The levels in the game get trickier as you progress, similar to Legend of Zelda dungeons, but with the main duo working together to solve them, making it fun.

– Charming world and delightful towns
– Lovely art, music, and character personalities
– Tricky and engaging levels
– Heavy Earthbound influences
– Great RPG for all players
– High replay value

– Some players experienced crashes, although this may have been addressed in updates
– Heavy dialogue may not be suitable for those seeking more gameplay

One player mentioned that the game can get frustrating with crashes, so it’s advisable to save often. However, they highlighted that the crashes are not the fault of the physical game and may have been addressed in updates. Another player praised the incredible story, fun NPC interactions, and excellent writing, recommending not to rush through the dialogue-heavy parts.

Overall, Eastward for Nintendo Switch is a captivating RPG with beautiful visuals, engaging gameplay, and a rich, Earthbound-style narrative. While some players noted minor issues, the majority highly recommended the game for its charm, storyline, and music. If you’re a fan of RPGs and enjoy a captivating story, Eastward is a must-have for your collection.

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