Edge of Eternity for PlayStation 4 Review

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Edge of Eternity for PlayStation 4 is an enthralling JRPG adventure that takes players on a unique and grand tale of hope and sacrifice. The game features a riveting story with numerous plot twists and heart-wrenching moments, offering a captivating narrative experience. Players will meet a cast of charismatic characters, each with their own set of skills that evolve throughout the story, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay. The game’s world of Heryon is gorgeously designed, allowing players to explore its ancient secrets and unique environments while solving quests in multiple ways. The deep and strategic combat system offers tactical gameplay on the Nexus grid, allowing players to outwit enemies and use the environment to their advantage. Additionally, the game provides endless possibilities for crafting gear and unlocking unique combinations of skills and power-ups.

Edge of EternityEdge of EternityEdge of Eternity


  • Visually stunning with a good storyline and character development
  • Deep and strategic combat system
  • Engaging and immersive world exploration


  • Game may experience frequent crashes and technical issues on PS4
  • Some graphical bugs and UI elements designed for PC may affect the console experience

Despite its captivating narrative and engaging gameplay, Edge of Eternity for PlayStation 4 has faced technical challenges, with reports of frequent crashes and graphical bugs on the PS4 platform. While the game offers a visually stunning experience with a compelling storyline and character development, potential buyers should be aware of the technical issues that may impact their gameplay. The deep and strategic combat system, along with the immersive world exploration, provides an enjoyable experience for players who can overlook the technical drawbacks. However, those sensitive to frequent crashes and graphical bugs may find the game’s current state on PS4 to be less than optimal.

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