FCS 1332324L Complete Strut Assembly Review

Well, let me first start out by saying, these FCS 1332324L Complete Strut Assemblies are a great value for the price. As a novice in car repair, I relied on YouTube and Google to install these, and it was surprisingly easy with the help of an impact gun. The build quality appears to be good, and they have significantly improved the ride and handling of my 2002 Corolla. The glossy black look is also a nice aesthetic touch. However, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. The strut only has 2 studs instead of the OEM 3, which may require some adjustments during installation. Additionally, the ride height is lower than the front OEM struts/springs, which may require further adjustments. Despite these drawbacks, the FCS 1332324L Complete Strut Assemblies have performed well, absorbing road shock effectively and providing a smooth ride. The installation was straightforward, and the quality seems promising. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance and value of these struts. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable option to restore your vehicle’s ride, handling, and control, these FCS Complete Strut Assemblies are worth considering.

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