Gabb Watch Review: Reliable GPS and Communication for Kids

Reliable GPS and Tracking Functionality: The Gabb Watch offers parents peace of mind with its reliable GPS tracking and customizable safe zones, which notify you when your child leaves or enters specified locations. This feature ensures that you can keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts, providing an added layer of security. The unlimited talk and text capabilities allow for seamless communication when needed, utilizing the nation’s most reliable network. The watch also comes with 15 customizable text message presets, voice-messaging, and emojis, making it easy for kids to stay connected.

Parent-Managed Contact List: With the ability to assign up to 25 parent-managed contacts, the Gabb Watch prevents any outside calls or texts, ensuring that your child’s communication is restricted to trusted individuals. Additionally, the watch is equipped with an SOS/emergency button for quick and easy connection to a primary contact in case of an emergency.

Lock Mode: The parent-controlled lock mode is a valuable feature that limits distractions during school hours while still allowing the child and primary contact to communicate at any time. This ensures that the child can focus on their studies without unnecessary interruptions.

Kid-First Design: The Gabb Watch offers six themes for kids to choose from, catering to both younger and older age groups. The watch is designed to handle moderate sweat, water, dirt, and sand, making it durable for active kids. It also comes pre-loaded with Gabb Go, a fun task manager and step counter, encouraging kids to stay active and organized.

– Reliable GPS tracking and safe zone notifications
– Unlimited talk and text capabilities
– Parent-managed contact list and SOS button
– Parent-controlled lock mode for limited distractions
– Kid-friendly design with themes and pre-loaded task manager

– Activation fee and monthly service cost
– Battery life may be affected by poor cell tower coverage
– Return policy includes restocking fee and stipulations

Overall, the Gabb Watch offers valuable features for parents seeking a communication and tracking device for their kids. While some users have experienced initial setup and battery life issues, the watch’s functionality and peace of mind it provides make it a worthwhile investment. The customer service response to issues has been mixed, with some users receiving generous credits, while others have faced challenges. However, the watch’s positive impact on children’s safety and communication with parents outweighs these concerns. If you’re looking for a reliable and kid-friendly communication solution, the Gabb Watch is a compelling option.

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