Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano review

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Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano is a poignant and emotionally complex family drama that explores the relationships between four sisters and the ripple effects of trauma across generations. The novel is a New York Times bestseller and an Oprah’s Book Club pick, which speaks volumes about its quality and depth.

The story is set between the 1960s and the early 2000s, following the Padavano sisters – Julia, Sylvie, Cecelia, and Emeline – as they navigate love, loss, motherhood, and their own identities and desires against the backdrop of pivotal historical moments. The novel opens with the tragic death of William Water’s older sister, Caroline, casting a permanent shadow over the Waters family. William, an only child, finds solace in basketball and eventually marries Julia, envisioning him as the upstanding husband who will give her the secure middle-class future she desires. However, cracks soon emerge in their marriage, leading to a chain of events that alters the contours of the sisters’ relationships irrevocably.

The novel alternates between the perspectives of Julia and Sylvie, exposing both women’s hopes, flaws, and deepest wounds. Napolitano excels at portraying the messy complexities of sisterhood, the steadfast loyalty as well as the jealousies, the compatibilities, and profound differences. The characters are vividly rendered and emotionally compelling, maintaining engagement throughout the narrative.

While the novel’s pace suffers due to drawn-out sections of excessive rumination, the bittersweet ending fittingly reflects Napolitano’s vision of sisterhood as a complex tapestry woven of memories, trauma, sacrifice, understanding, and love. Ultimately, Hello Beautiful is a thoughtful exploration of the eternal dance between freedom and belonging, and the struggle to balance responsibility to family with individual identity and desire.

This is a magnificent book that deserves every one of the five stars it has received. Napolitano writes an extraordinarily moving and gripping family drama, and the ending will tug at your heartstrings and give you all the feels. I highly recommend this sad, big-hearted, and brilliant story.

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