How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

Known as one of the most used online gaming platforms, the Xbox one is a name that has made its way to the dictionary of even the non-gamers. But since its inception, there has been but one problem with the device – annoyingly lacking Bluetooth audio support. 

To the newcomers in the game who are planning to invest hundreds in the perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones, only to find out that it will not be a part of your gaming console! We are here to tell you that all is not lost, and we have found the ultimate way to make sure that you can still connect your favorite pair with your Xbox 1. Want to know the tips and tricks? Read on!

Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones directly to my Xbox One?

Let’s get down to the most important question directly, is it possible to get your Xbox One to connect to your Bluetooth Headphones? Well in one word, yes, there are ways, but before we get to those, let us first explore why the makers of Xbox One don’t have a direct attachment option and that is because Microsoft (the maker of Xbox) have decided to go in a slightly different direction. 

Xbox Wireless

A contemporary of Bluetooth, the Xbox Wireless allows the connection of the headphones directly to your Xbox One device, without including the whole mess of the pesky cables. The only thing that works in differentiating the Xbox Wireless from the Bluetooth operation is a higher radio frequency than the 2.4 RF used by Bluetooth. This makes it better in terms of reduced latency and works in improving the audio experience when you are using your headphones. 

To give its audience a more inclusive experience the Microsoft company has launched technology-specific peripherals which work around headphones that work without the Bluetooth feature. These headsets are created not only to improve your gaming experience but also to make sure that its customer base is getting a more gaming adept headset and thus creating a demand for special Microsoft headphones. 

There are mainly two types of these Microsoft headphones 

  1. Wireless Dongle; you can directly attach to the Xbox controller’s USB ports to attach the headphones. 
  2. Automatic Connection; this is automatically working in the console, these types of headphones eliminate the additional need for a dongle or wires. Though, the thing to note here is that this benefit comes with an added cost that will need you to shell out a few extra bucks from your wallet. 

If you want to just stop reading here and want to pick up an Xbox Wireless for yourself here is our list of the top 5 that are ruling the market right now. 

  • Xbox One Stereo Headset
  • LVL 40 Wired Gaming Headset
  • Xbox One Stereo Headset
  • Lucid Sound LS50X
  • Hyper X Cloud X Flight Wireless Gaming Headset. 

Now that you know about Microsoft Wireless are you looking at your Bluetooth headphones despairingly? Well, don’t worry, for we have found ways to make sure that your purchase doesn’t go unused. Here are four ways in which you can add your “Non-compatible” Bluetooth Headphones to your Xbox One. So get your notepads out and make a list along with ours!

Use your PC Connection

One of the ways that the tech geniuses found to circumvent the problem of not being able to use your Bluetooth headphones is the make use of your PC in the process of connection. This basically means that you are using your Bluetooth headphones on the Xbox One by connecting the console to your Windows PC. Once your PC is operational as the end-user device, you will now be able to use your Bluetooth headphone to tether the gaming sound. 

One of the things to notice here is that though the Windows to windows connection of the PC and Xbox One is pretty simple for Microsoft-operated devices, it may not be so in other operating systems. 

Even in the Microsoft devices, there are two things that  you need to make sure of 

  • Both of the devices (i.e., your Xbox one and your PC) are connected to the same setup in terms of network
  • Make sure that you have downloaded the Xbox Console Companion App on your PC. 

Talking about the Xbox Console Companion App, acquiring it should not be a task as all of the Windows PCs come with an attachment already. This is another great move by the Microsoft bandwagon to make sure that the two services are integrated. 

Still, confused? Let us help you by noting down the steps: 

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account to access your application
  2. Once you have logged in, proceed by enabling the Xbox One application on your PC simply by clicking the Connection button. To find the connection Icon check the application’s left-hand menu. 
  3. Once you click it, an option for you to connect to your Xbox option would pop up. In this window, towards the top right corner, you will see and click the option to “Add a Device”
  4. Wait for your windows to scan and locate your Xbox One Console. 
  5. Once your Console has been detected, click the Connect button to make sure that your device is added. 
  6. If by any chance your PC is not able to locate the Xbox One, you can find it by manually typing the IP address of your Xbox one and then continue by pressing Connect. 
  7. If you are still facing problems in detection and connection, make sure that the “Allow game streaming to other devices” option is checked on your Xbox One. 
  8. Once you have successfully connected both your devices, you can use your Bluetooth headphones, via your PC. 

This is an easy way to make sure that you have nothing but the best quality sound without any cables getting in your way.  

Find a connection via your TV

Who knew that the TV you invested in, can make your game playing experience richer? Well, we did, and we are here to tell you that the same Xbox and PC hack can even be applied to the TV on the wall in front of you. 

In principle, it is the same procedure, connect your Xbox One to your TV and then connect your Bluetooth headphones and use them to play the game. However, don’t worry, let us take you to step by step to make sure that you don’t have any trouble setting this up. 

  1. The first step would be to procure an HDMI cable. You would generally find this alongside your Xbox One. 
  2. Connect the HDMI cable into the back of your Xbox One console and the other end goes into the port for the HDMI cable in the back of your TV. 
  3. Once this is done, use your TV remote to set up the TV’s input source to the HDMI port that you have connected your Xbox to. 
  4. Once this is done, you can now use your Bluetooth headphones by connecting them to your TV

Once this is done, all you would need to do every time you are playing is attach a wire with your TV and you are good to go. What can be better than this?

Connect via your Xbox App

If you don’t want to get an additional device engaged just to connect your headset to your console, don’t worry we have you covered as well. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your Bluetooth headphones don’t go to waste is to download the dedicated application to help with your connection problems. 

One thing to note here is that this option only applies to people who want to use their headphones for the party chat with their friends. This means that while you are able to speak and hear other players on the game audio itself would not be playing in your headphones. Though this can be a little off-putting for people used to playing with the background sound, it is a pretty handy solution in a tough time. 

To guide you through this type of connection, here are the steps you should follow. 

  1. Go to Playstore and download the Xbox One App 
  2. Get your Bluetooth headset to connect to your smartphones
  3. Launch the Xbox One app
  4. Proceed to the option of Parties and select Start a Party
  5. Once you have done that, select the Party control options
  6. Click on the option to change the Audio Device and choose your Bluetooth headphones
  7. Once connected you should be able to hear the party sounds. 

A solution to the party problems with just a few clicks. They do have an app for everything nowadays!

Find yourself the perfect Bluetooth Transmitters.  

One of the most ingenious ways to circumvent this Bluetooth restriction of the Xbox one device is to find Bluetooth Transmitters. Before we go on any further, let us explain what Bluetooth Transmitters do. 

A Bluetooth transmitter works by putting out a wireless signal that will transmit any music or other audio content to headphone or speakers etc., that have the capability of picking up a signal of 2.04 GHz to 2.48 GHz. In simple terms, this is the device that can be connected to your console and provide you the game audio. 

However, there is one limitation with this otherwise perfect deal! The transmitter works only by transferring the audio signals and cannot work as the receiver at the same time, meaning that though you can hear the game sound, you would not be able to use your microphone in the headphones. 

To make your quest to connect the Bluetooth Transmitter to your console easier, here are some of the steps that you can follow. 

  1. To switch on your transmitter, press the power button for about 3 seconds. If this doesn’t function within that time period, press and wait till the Blue or red LED starts flashing. 
  2. Locate the 3.5mm port in Xbox Console and plug in your transmitter. 
  3. Once it is securely plugged in, switch your headphones on and enter them into the pairing mode. The thing to note here is due to safety, there are a number of headphones that aren’t discoverable to new devices. Make sure that your pair is discoverable. (For more doubts read the manufacturer’s guidelines on the product)
  4. Once you have your headphones discoverable, press the multifunction button on your Bluetooth transmitter for about 5 seconds. (longer if necessary) This will get your transmitter into pairing mode, allowing you to connect with it. 
  5. If the connection seems to be slower, bring your headphones closer to the transmitter and hold them there till you see a navy blue steady light on the Dongle. 
  6. This blue line means that the connection is established and you will now be able to play with your headphones connected. 

A perfect little addition to every single gaming console, though it might be an additional purchase, in the longer run, a Bluetooth transmitter will make your life a lot easier, especially if you are a pro gamer. 

Though these are the main ways to get your Xbox connected to your wireless headphones, if you still feel that the connectivity is not as strong, you might need to invest in some Bluetooth enabling accessories. Two names that are ruling the market in terms of service and price include

  • Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus
  • Uberwith Bluetooth Transmitter

These will make sure that you don’t only have your headphones operational, but also get the built-in omnidirectional microphones working for those undeniably fun party chats!


Finding the perfect gaming console is difficult and subsequently not being able to use the complete functionality is even worse. So if you want to make sure that you are playing the Xbox how it was intended to play and don’t want to invest in the expensive Microsoft Wireless series, we have just the thing for you. To make sure that you are giving the golden Bluetooth headphones their rightful place in your console, match your list with ours!

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