9 Ways to Make your Headphones Sound Better and Louder

With most forms of entertainment and content available having audio and sound, headphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Let it be watching a movie, listening to your favourite podcast, or maybe having an important business call, headphones are helpful everywhere. But, these headphones can be very weak and with everyday usage their sound quality decreases and becomes weak.

Imagine after a tiring day at work, you went to enjoy a movie on your laptop, but your headphones are not just sounding right, worse condition, you are on an important call and your voice is not clear. This can be very frustrating and you may end up thinking that now you need a pair of new headphones. But before you decide to buy new headphones, try these 9 ways to make your headphones sound better.

How to make Headphones louder and better

These 9 methods are tried and tested as well as works on different types of headphones available. Try these methods on your old headphones along with newer ones to get better sound experiences. 

Use Volume Boosting Apps

There are tons of volume-boosting apps both free and paid available online which will take your headphone’s output to a next level. Volume-Boosting Apps override the maximum volume of your device and takes it up to 200% which doubles your headphones’ performance. These apps are available on all different types of platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows. 

iOS users can try these volume boosters:

  • Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, 
  • Kaisertone Audio Player
  • SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster
  • PlayerXtreme Media Player

Volume booster apps for android users: 

  • VLC Media Player
  • MX Player
  • Viper4Android [ Requires root ]
  • Volume Booster Pro

For Windows Users:

  • Equalizer Pro
  • VLC Media Player 
  • DFX Sound Enhancer

Warning: Do not start using headphones just after you boosted it to max settings. Your eardrums can get damaged. That’s why you should increase the volume limit little by little and check if you are satisfied with max volume or not. 

Adjust your device’s audio settings for best performance

Smartphones, as well as computers, come with their audio settings. For best audio performance on headphones, you need to have your device’s audio settings set to highest possible, Go to your device’s settings and look for music or audio option and check if its set to maximum or not. Adjust it to the volume level you are comfortable with. 

Make sure your volume is set to max

Both android and iPhone users can adjust the volume by using the volume up and down buttons available on the side of their smartphones. 

Mac users can follow these steps to check their volume level:

  • Open System Preferences from Apple Menu and select Sound.
  • Select Headphones option from the Output tab.
  • Here, you can adjust the main MAC volume and do Audio Balancing by using the sliders.

For Windows Users:

  • Right-click on the speaker symbol on your Taskbar.
  • Click on Open Volume Mixer.
  • You can adjust audio outputs for different applications using sliders. 

If your headphones audio balance feels wrong, then you can adjust it. 

  • Press Windows Key + R and search for “Sound” and click on sound settings. 
  • On the Sound Settings Window, click on Device properties. Here you can adjust the volume of both the left and right side of headphones. 

Clean your headphones

Cleaning your headphones can seriously improve your headphone’s audio output. Headphones are used every day and for long hours. Dirt in air and ear wax can block the speakers and deteriorate sound quality. If you are living in an area near a road or somewhere with construction going nearby, your headphones can easily accumulate a lot of dust over time. These small particles can block the mesh causing the sound to fade and not be heard.

Start by opening the cushion pads or ear tips and clean them thoroughly. You can use a cotton bud to clean and remove the dust and wax from them. You can wash the ear tips with warm water which will remove wax and any bacteria on them since they are directly in contact with your ear’s inner skin, you need it to be free from any harm causing bacteria. 

By using a dry toothbrush, you can remove dirt from the mesh and clean it easily. Then, grab a dampen cloth or cloth with some alcohol and gently clean all of it. Cleaning your headphones is a good habit to have. 

Use an amplifier to boost sound quality

Our headphones are just like a home speaker but portable and comfortable to wear. Just like home speakers, headphones’ sound output can be improved with an amplifier. Amplifiers available in our phones and laptop cannot use the full potential of headphones. An external amplifier can boost the sound quality and produce in-depth audio output. 

Sadly. most amplifiers will only work with the costly high-quality over-ear headphones. Before you use an amplifier, check the headphones’ impedance to make sure it is compatible with the amplifier.

Check for hardware issues 

One of the reasons why your headphones do not sound better is because of the connection. This can happen to both wired and wireless headphones. Loose audio connection in the device can lead to static noises and audio not being clear. 

Make sure your device supports your headphone. Check if your headphones are plugging in or not. If they are not, this is where the problem lies. This can happen either due to headphone jack being damaged or the socket is damaged. If your headphone is working well on other devices, then the problem is with your first device. If your headphone is not working in any of your devices, then the headphone jack is probably damaged.

Wireless headphones can face connectivity issues if there is a metal barrier or wall between the device and itself. Reduce the distance between them to as minimum as possible to enjoy audio at better quality. 

Listen to music on a better app or player

There are many apps and music streaming services available online. You can find songs at better quality and stream music at high quality without downloading. These apps let you choose the audio quality of songs and increase the sound level to the max as well. 

Try these apps and check what works well for you:

  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music 
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music 
  • Amazon Music

There are other apps available as well. Before you try them, read reviews and check ratings to be sure they are safe to use.

Clean and remove earwax from your ears

You may be wondering how is this going to help? But cleaning your ear can help you to enjoy listening to music on your headphones. By using headphones and earphones for long hours, ear wax can form easily.

If you do not clean them regularly, you will start having hearing problems. If you are also facing hearing problems without your headphones on, then probably ear wax is at fault here. Remove any ear wax from your ears and you will feel that your headphones now sound better. 

Get a better pair of headphones

If even after trying all the about methods, your headphone sound output has not improved. Then, maybe it is time for you to invest on new headphones. Upgrading your headphone might be the only way to enjoy music and movies at better quality. 

With so many brands and products available, choosing a headphone can be confusing. That’s why check the products which comes under your budget and sort them out based on ratings and reviews and finalize the best product among them. 

If you’re looking to buy new pair of headphones then don’t forget to check our guides and lists of 10 Best headphones:


Headphones losing their sound quality can be scary since it can mean they are degrading and you will need to buy a new pair. But, this isn’t the case always. They can easily be fixed and improved with some tricks and methods. We hope this article was able to help you make your headphones sound better.

Enjoy listening to songs and watching movies!

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