How to Write a Book Review: A Template for Reviewing Books review

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How to Write a Book Review: A Template for Reviewing Books Review

If you’re looking to enhance your book reviewing skills, ‘How to Write a Book Review: A Template for Reviewing Books’ by Sarah S. Davis is an invaluable resource. This book provides a practical guide on writing book reviews, offering a detailed workbook designed to help you become a confident book reviewer. Whether you’re writing reviews for school, a blog, or any other platform, this book equips you with the necessary tools.

Features and Benefits:

The book features a comprehensive book review template that is adaptable for both fiction and nonfiction. It includes fully explained steps, numerous examples, and brainstorming prompts to kickstart your review writing process. Additionally, it delves into writing book discussion guides and offers bonus content on recommending books and more than 20 book websites to explore.


  • Comprehensive book review template
  • Abundant examples and brainstorming prompts
  • Bonus content on book discussion guides and book recommendations
  • Written by an experienced author with a background in book reviewing


Some readers may find the focus on blog traffic and affiliate sites less relevant if their primary goal is not related to these aspects. Additionally, the examples in the book tend to provide more detailed book summaries than some readers may prefer.

Customer Feedback:

The book has received positive feedback from readers, with many appreciating the practical and actionable advice it offers. Some readers found the detailed book review template and the book discussion guide section particularly helpful. However, a few readers noted that the book could benefit from including instructions for writing very basic reviews for total novices.

Final Verdict:

‘How to Write a Book Review: A Template for Reviewing Books’ is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their book reviewing skills. While it may have a stronger focus on certain aspects like blog traffic and affiliate sites, the comprehensive template, examples, and bonus content make it a worthwhile investment for aspiring book reviewers.

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