INVISALIGN Cleaning Crystals Review

Get Your Invisalign Cleaner in 15 Minutes: With 50 packets included, these special cleaning crystals for Invisalign retainers work in 15 minutes to remove plaque from your aligners or retainers to keep them odor-free, hygienic and clear. Easy to Use: Weekly, remove aligners and rinse; Place them in a container; Fill with warm water to immerse; Add a packet of Invisalign crystals; Agitate for 20 seconds to dissolve; Let stand for 15 minutes; Agitate for 20 seconds; Rinse thoroughly. Best Storage Practices for Your Invisalign Cleaner Crystals: Keep these packets of clear aligner cleaner in a cool, dry place to ensure optimal usability. Ingredients: Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sodium Dichlorosocyanurate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Invisalign Value: From cases to retainer cleaners, Invisalign offers all the tools and Invisalign accessories you need to maximize the experience of achieving your best smile; Aligners not included. Pros: – Works effectively in 15 minutes – Easy to use and store – Made by INVISALIGN, ensuring quality Cons: – Relatively expensive. So I clean my hard overnight retainer (for teeth grinding) with this once a week or so. It works well and I feel it totally cleans the retainer. I didn’t want to get denture cleaner because apparently it can cause an allergic reaction. So even though this is more expensive, I am still satisfied with it. I leave my retainer in the water with these grains for 15 mins+ then I rinse and leave in cold water for another 15 mins+ (sometimes the rest of the day until I use it at night). The retainer doesn’t have a gross smell like my old one did, lol. This is the best thing since sliced bread as the saying goes. It cleaned my retainers, both the ones used recently and the ones put back in the box because they were so cloudy, they looked terrible. I ordered retainer cleaner and just add to the water. This product is fast, cleans well and I would recommend to others. Expensive but it’s made by INVISALIGN so you know its going to be a good product. Easy to use, standard use. Will purchase again. I liked that the product was very effective. This product is a staple for anyone with invisalign or retainers. Keeps your aligners clean and pristine! Pretty expensive. I never thought the off brand cleaners cleaned my invisiline braces week. The crystals do. Don’t have access to cleaning supplies so Amazon shipping was great. For personal use. Valeu a pens a espera Melhor limpador de inviling Deixa branquinho, bem novinho Vale cada real. A differenza dei cristalli forniti insieme alla scatola, questi emanano un odore abbastanza forte, simil amuchina. Non so se si tratta effettivamente di due prodotti differenti, non credo, ma non ricordo lo stesso odore da parte di quelli forniti dal brand. L’opera di pulizia resta comunque invariata ed ottima. Thank you. Tuve que devolver el articulo. Check Price

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