Libiyi Comfy Orthotic Sandals Review

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Libiyi Comfy Orthotic Sandals are marketed as a stylish and supportive footwear option for women. However, based on customer feedback, it’s important to consider various aspects before making a purchase decision.

Features and Benefits

The sandals are made from breathable quality leather, with a durable and soft man-made leather upper. The orthopedic design aims to provide a perfect fit, amazing support, and relief from foot pressure. The ergonomic sole and shock-absorbing design are intended to allow for smooth walking and standing for extended periods with less stress.


  • High-quality, breathable leather material
  • Orthopedic design for support and pressure relief
  • Ergonomic sole for comfortable walking
  • Versatile and fashionable minimalist design


  • Several customers reported that the material felt cheap and had a strong chemical smell
  • Issues with sizing, with some finding the sandals too large and wide
  • Uncomfortable straps and lack of cushioning

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews highlighted concerns about the material quality, sizing discrepancies, and discomfort due to the lack of cushioning and unpleasant smell. Many customers expressed disappointment with the overall construction and felt that the product did not meet their expectations.


While the Libiyi Comfy Orthotic Sandals offer an appealing design and the promise of orthopedic support, the reported issues with material quality, sizing, and comfort raise red flags. Potential buyers should carefully consider these factors before purchasing.

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