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I recently encountered this website and thought I would give it a chance. Purchased 5 items (clothes) from there and when I got it, I was beyond disappointed. It was nothing like it shown on the website. The materials were cheap. It looked like they were sown by little kids. The shirt I’ve purchased was the one item I was really looking forward to receiving, but instead it looked like complete trash and nothing like it was advertised. I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER CENT ON THIS WEBSITE!!!

The thigh-high stockings I received only go up to right past my knees. I ordered and paid for 12 pairs of thigh-high stockings and received 11 just slightly over the knee stockings and 1 pair of pantyhose. This was very, very disappointing. I can’t say I will ever order from LightInTheBox again.

I picked some things to buy. But every time I click check out it says my shopping cart is empty. It won’t even let me put in my credit card information. The app is pointless, much easier to just go on a browser.

Sizes are NOT true! WAY WAY smaller than they say….both several items in 2x that barely fit my daughter who is a normal medium!!!

LightInTheBox offers good value for money, but the quality and sizing of the products are highly inconsistent. The website and app functionality need significant improvement. The delivery time is also a concern. While some customers may find bargains, it’s important to be cautious and manage expectations when purchasing from this site.

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