Mark Klimek Blue Book: Gold Edition Review

The Mark Klimek Blue Book: Gold Edition is a comprehensive review drill book designed to help aspiring nurses prepare for the licensure exam. This invaluable resource, stemming from over three decades of development, offers a wealth of features and benefits. The Blue Book: Gold Edition has received a comprehensive update, including over 1000 additional questions, covering all vital topics tested in the exam. It goes beyond the typical question bank of multiple-choice and memorization, presenting thought-provoking drill-style questions, including True/False queries and cloze questions designed to test comprehension of nursing concepts. This approach promotes active recall and critical thinking, empowering aspiring nurses to solidify their knowledge and cultivate the confidence required for success on test day. The book is more like facts and flashcards, providing solid answers and is highly recommended by many users. However, it’s important to note that this book cannot replace a textbook, but it is an essential resource for mastering the essential facts. The low ratings may stem from unrealistic expectations of a book that guarantees passing the exam without studying. Overall, the Mark Klimek Blue Book: Gold Edition is a highly recommended resource for NCLEX preparation. Pros: Comprehensive update with over 1000 additional questions Thought-provoking drill-style questions promoting active recall and critical thinking Highly recommended by users Cons: Cannot replace a textbook Some users may have unrealistic expectations Check Price

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