Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition – Nintendo Switch Review

Purchased as a gift so it hasn’t been played yet, but I’m excited to see how much he likes it. This was a birthday gift for my grandson and he is obsessed with it! Gift to my grandchildren. Bought for my son’s birthday. He loves it. Great addition to his other minecraft games. I’ve been slowly but surely expanding my Switch game collection and I’m so glad to be adding this game to it. Overall cute and fun game. And it arrived in phenomenal shape. The packaging was great. And free DLC. Was exactly as described and came on time. Cumplió con sus expectativas del niño. I preordered Minecraft Legends because we enjoyed Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons so much, unfortunately this game is unfinished: – The startup sequence is buggy and treats you like it’s the first launch every time you start the game. I shouldn’t have to link my Nintendo account and turn off text to speech every single time. – Certain areas of the map are glitched, the battle to save the creepers crashes the game and I can’t complete it. I have no problems with other games crashing. – Controlling your army is just dreadful. There will be enemies engaged with your horde and you’ll have members just standing there stuck doing nothing so you have to grab them and reposition them if they decide to take a break. You need to micromanage your army. – Your army is only good for one command. If you tell them to attack, they try to add other members to your army, the original members are no longer in your horde and won’t follow your commands so you need to get them all right next to each other and regroup the army. It’s very frustrating. – The golems and units you have at your disposal are neat looking but they really don’t give you the impression that they’re interesting or distinct from each other. – The initial unit limit and your command area is way too small. – The game is just generally hard to control, I think the creators are aware of this because you have the ability to jump over crazy obstacles but it’s very frustrating to bump into everything and have to jump constantly. – Your character only appears to have a sword. I was expecting a more meaningful assortment of weapons and at least a ranged weapon, but this game isn’t really about your character, you’re just commanding an army. Really disappointing. They should have kept the Minecraft Dungeons weapon upgrades. Fighting with your sword in this game feels pointless. – There are plenty of mobs roaming around in the open part of the map but no compelling reason for you to engage them. They’ll just take your time and health but don’t reward you with power ups. Only village and base battles are worth your efforts. Mojang please fix this game, it should have never shipped in this state.

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