Pediatrics (Board Review Series) review

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Pediatrics (Board Review Series)Pediatrics (Board Review Series)

The Pediatrics (Board Review Series) is a comprehensive and well-organized resource that has received positive feedback from medical students and professionals. It covers a wide range of topics and provides quality questions, making it an ideal study companion for the pediatrics clerkship and shelf exam preparation.

One of the standout features of this book is its thorough coverage of information relevant to the pediatrics clerkship. It is well-organized, allowing readers to navigate through topics with ease, making it suitable for both learning and review purposes. The book’s quality questions, totaling nearly 400, are tied into the information presented, providing valuable practice for exams.


  • Covers the majority of the information that is on the shelf for the Peds clerkship.
  • Relatively streamlined presentation of information, making it doable during the Peds clerkship.
  • Well-organized, with chapters divided sensibly, making it easier to focus on specific topics.


  • The book is old, with the first edition released in 2004, leading to some outdated information.
  • The text may be dry for some readers, lacking visual aids and having small text with little spacing.

Despite being an older edition, the Pediatrics (Board Review Series) has proven to be effective in preparing students for the shelf exam. Its comprehensive nature and quality questions make it a valuable resource for those studying pediatrics. However, readers should be aware of its dry presentation and the presence of some outdated information.

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