PIT BOSS PB850G Wood Pellet Grill Review

This is my first Pellet Grill, and holy cow… it is great. I have made homemade pizzas, cinnamon rolls, ribs, chicken wings, tenders, breasts, entire chickens, turkey breasts, desserts, vegetables, pulled pork, briskets etc. and the grill does not disappoint. Is it absolutely perfect? no. I’ve had mild difficulty regulating temperature- sometimes its 25-50Degrees too warm or too cold, but it is easy to regulate that by adjusting the temp- IF ITS OFF, its consistently off. I’ve never had a problem adjusting to discrepancies in the temperature- ever. A Few things I love about this is the surface area. Fwiw, I took out the top shelf almost immediately. it makes the lower shelf almost unusable unless you’re doing hot dogs and burgers and maybe some ribs if you’re laying them flat. The surface area is huge, even without the top shelf. I also love that it comes with a front shelf – that’s huge considering you have to pay $100 for that shelf from traeger. Its hopper is massive- way bigger than traeger. The digital temperature dial is good, but I wish it had 25 degree increments instead of SOME 25 and SOME 50 degree increments. But it has never caused me trouble preparing food. It is very sturdy in my estimation. Most grills if you have to move them bend or even break but this has been far more sturdy than other grills I’ve handled. The searing option is awesome- never had any trouble getting great sear marks on steaks etc. Ultimately, Traeger may be better. BUT I have no regrets purchasing this beast for HUNDREDS of dollars less than the comparable Traeger Grill. I’ve cooked for 30+ people on this thing at one time, and its an absolute BOSS. Love this grill. If you’re drowning in cash, sure, go get the traeger, but keep in mind it MIGHT be 10-15% better for 40% more $$$. I’ll keep my $$ and grill some killer meat on my Pit Boss. Highly recommend. Ive had my share of charcoal and LP gas grills and I also have a LP smoker that got me hooked on smoking meats. This grill combines the best of all and is built to last. Mine arrived with no damage. It was pretty easy to put together, however, keep a close eye on orientation of pieces in the instructions as you can assemble things backwards. Functionally, it has been excellent. My biggest concern was if I would be able to sear effectively and this does a great job. Compared to LP, this grill does require start-up time like charcoal but the trade-off for flavor is well worth it. I found temp control to be very good though not instantaneous as pellets must make their way to the fire pit and be ignited. Temp increase happens at a good pace so there is not a long wait when upping the temp. Decreasing the temp takes slightly longer because of the design of the grill, though you can open the lid to cool it more quickly. The grill works great. – easy and quick startup like a gas grill with the smokey flavor of a charcoal grill – best of both worlds! No flare ups, sears red meats great, smokes slow, can use as an oven for cooking as well – don’t have to heat or smoke up the house! Love the grill! On Amazon’s ad, it said free delivery AND setup – the delivery service said it was not listed as to be installed. Amazon’s customer service claimed its only available “sometimes” – no idea what that means. But their suggestions was send it back and reorder – which the price had gone up and addition $50 and I’d have to wait another 2 weeks. Amazon sucks for delivery on these types of items sucks and their customer service sucks as well! Assembly took about 1 1/2 hrs by myself, pretty clear directions but the main grill may be heavy for one person to life onto the assembled stand. Initially I thought it was great until it did not turn on. The company sent a new panel which we installed and it worked initially and the same thing happened. I would like to return it. Not sure if I can because I have had it a few months, I would not advise anyone to purchase. Great product when new. I’m betting the stamped metal legs and other stamped pieces won’t hold up but time will tell. This is my first pellet grill. I did a lot research as settled on the Navigator 1150 because it had all the options I wanted and was big enough for a family feast. The Amazon delivery team was flawless. They contacted me and advised on EOT, were right on time and put this 200lb huge box on my patio. OK I will admit the construction looked daunting at first. The instructions were good and with the help of my wife in lifting the barrel in place it was done in an hour. Now the food test: if you read the simple instructions its simple to create BBQ masterpiece’s. First test included NY Strips, burgers, chicken thighs and veggies cooked all at once. After I understood how the searing process the steaks were perfect. The chicken smoked on the side, burgers on the other and veggies on top. All I had to do after searing the steaks is set the temperature and walk away. I had put one temp reader in the largest steak and the other in a chicken thigh. They were accurate and the food was perfectly smoky delicious. I got the good grill marks on the steaks and the other food all had good color. This was so much more simple then using my old smoky mountain or propane grill that I got rid of both. I am a pellet grill believer now after cooking Texas brisket, chops and country ribs. Looking forward to smoking the Thanksgiving turkey. I highly recommend this grill! Love my pit boss and I’ve been able to cook up some of the best BBQ because of it. We upgraded to an aftermarket blue tooth meat thermometer but other than that everything is stock and I have 0 complaints. Easy to use. The putting together kind of sucked but I figured the cost was lower because of having to put it together myself. I love this smoker. I own 5 smokers, 4 of them are traeger. This by far bears then. Price and build bears the others by far. Pros: – Versatile cooking options – Large cooking surface – Sturdy construction – Searing option for great grill marks – Competitive pricing Cons: – Some temperature regulation issues – Assembly may be challenging for one person Overall, the PIT BOSS PB850G Wood Pellet Grill offers a fantastic cooking experience with its versatility, large cooking surface, and sturdy construction. While there may be some minor temperature regulation issues and assembly challenges, the grill’s performance and competitive pricing make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor cooking game. Check Price

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