Princeton Review AP Physics 1 Premium Prep, 2023: 5 Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Strategies & Techniques Review

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The Princeton Review AP Physics 1 Premium Prep, 2023 is a comprehensive resource designed to help students excel in their AP Physics 1 exam. With 5 practice tests, complete content review, and strategies & techniques, this book aims to provide thorough preparation. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks based on customer feedback.


  • Comprehensive Content Review: The book offers a detailed review of all the topics covered in the AP Physics 1 exam, providing students with a solid understanding of the subject matter.
  • Practice Tests: With 5 full-length practice tests, students have ample opportunities to assess their knowledge and improve their test-taking skills.
  • Effective Strategies: The inclusion of strategies and techniques equips students with valuable approaches to tackle the exam questions efficiently.
  • Helpful for Learning and Review: Many customers found the book helpful for both learning the concepts for the first time and reviewing them before the exam.


  • Outdated Information: Some users noted that the information regarding the topics on the exam seemed a bit outdated, which could potentially impact its relevance to the current exam format.
  • Divergence from Actual Exam: A few customers reported that the questions in the book did not align well with the actual AP Physics 1 exam, leading to a disparity in preparation.
  • Potential Quality Issues: There were instances where customers received the book in poor condition, indicating potential quality control issues.

Despite the drawbacks, the Princeton Review AP Physics 1 Premium Prep, 2023 remains a valuable resource for students preparing for the AP Physics 1 exam. Its comprehensive content review, practice tests, and effective strategies make it a worthwhile study companion. However, potential buyers should consider the feedback regarding outdated information and quality issues before making a purchase decision.

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