Raid Fly Trap (6-Pack) Review: An Effective and Convenient Solution for Fly Control

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The Raid Fly Trap (6-Pack) is a convenient and effective solution for controlling flies in and around your home. With its unique features and benefits, it stands out as one of the best fly traps in the market today.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Fly Control Solution

When it comes to getting rid of flies, the Raid Fly Trap is a reliable choice. Unlike common fly strips, bug traps, pesticide sprays, or maggot killer solutions, this hanging fly trap effectively lures in and traps pesky flying insects like house flies, dung flies, blow flies, and more. It helps keep your home free from bacteria-spreading flies.

Food-Based Attractant

The Raid Fly Trap Bag uses a proven and tested food-based attractant that flies can’t resist. It is safe to use around outdoor food prep areas, making it perfect for yard parties, camping trips, and picnics. The attractant is child-resistant, but it is still advised to keep the trap out of kids’ reach.

Trusted Brand

Raid has been a trusted brand in pest control for many decades. The Raid Fly Trap Bag lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and effectiveness. Your satisfaction is their topmost priority, and they are committed to improving your overall experience.

Outdoor Fly Trap

This house fly trap can be easily used as an outside fly trap for your home. The food-based lure attracts all major species of flies, making them enter the patented entry holes of the fly catcher. Once inside, the flies are unable to escape and eventually drown. It provides a simple yet effective solution for getting rid of flies in your home.

Hassle-Free Disposable Design

The Raid Disposable Fly Trap Bag is easy to use and dispose of. Simply add water into the fly bag up to the fill line and hang it in the desired area. Once the bag is filled with flying insects, close the top cap and dispose of it. Each bag can be used for up to 1 month or until full.


  • Easy to use
  • Effectively attracts flying insects
  • Decent at catching and keeping flying insects
  • Disposable


  • Smells like rotten food (why it’s such a good bait)
  • Insects can fly out, so it doesn’t trap all flies
  • Becomes a fly breeding ground over time
  • Can be messy and gross

Customer Reviews

Customers have shared their experiences with the Raid Fly Trap (6-Pack). Some have praised its effectiveness in attracting and catching flies, while others have mentioned the unpleasant smell and the potential for flies to escape. It is important to note that while the trap may not catch all flies, it significantly reduces their population.

If you have a fly problem, this fly trap works great. It attracts and kills flies, but be prepared for the smell and the possibility of it becoming a breeding ground. Some customers have found success in using fly paper alongside the trap to catch even more flies.

Overall, the Raid Fly Trap (6-Pack) is a reliable and convenient solution for fly control. It offers an effective way to reduce the fly population in and around your home. Just be aware of the minor drawbacks and take necessary precautions to ensure its optimal performance.

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