Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N – Peel Off Lip Liner Tattoo Review

Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N – Peel Off Lip Liner Tattoo Review

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The Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N is a peel-off lip liner stain that keeps your lips in line all day and night. Inspired by Sarah Cheung’s viral lip liner hack, this product is designed to provide fuss-free lip looks that stay sharp for hours.

The lip liner is infused with lip-loving ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, which nourish your lips while imparting a long-lasting tint for plump-looking and defined lips. It is suitable for all skin types and features a lip-safe formula that boosts skin barriers.

The Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N is available in three widely flattering shades and comes in a pack of one. The colors are nude, pink, and mauve, all of which are great options for various skin tones.


  • Long-lasting lip stain
  • Nourishes lips with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lip-safe formula
  • Available in three flattering shades


  • Applicators may not be precise
  • Dry and sticky texture
  • Difficult to peel off

Some customers have mentioned that the applicators of the Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N may not be as precise as advertised. The dull tip can result in messy lines that require quick clean-up. Additionally, the product’s dry and sticky texture makes it difficult to coat properly and draw precise lines.

While the lip liner stain stays on well throughout the day, it can be a bit challenging to remove if you make a mistake during application. The peeling-off process may not be as smooth as expected, and it may require additional rubbing or using a napkin to remove the product.

Despite these minor drawbacks, many customers still appreciate the Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N for its long-lasting formula and flattering shades. The product has received positive feedback for its ability to stay on the lips even through activities like eating and drinking. Customers have also praised the natural and plump-looking effect it gives to their lips.

If you’re looking for a lip liner stain that provides long-lasting color and nourishes your lips, the Sacheu Lip Liner Stay-N is worth considering. Despite some issues with the applicators and peeling-off process, the product offers a unique and innovative solution for achieving sharp and defined lip looks.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this review is based on customer feedback and may vary depending on individual experiences.

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