Sandra-Model: An American Romance – Review

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Sandra-Model: An American Romance

Sandra-Model: An American Romance – Review


  • Surprisingly not as bad as expected
  • Short and easy to read


  • Forced narrative
  • Scene jumps and teasers can be jarring
  • Dead web links
  • Implications of Russian mafia involvement
  • Not well-written


Sandra-Model: An American Romance is a book that explores the life of Sandra, a fictional character. The book is written by Mr. William Legeune and was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in February 2013. It is a 148-page paperback book that weighs 7.4 ounces.

Features and Benefits

The book offers an intriguing premise, promising an American romance with Sandra as the central character. It delves into her life and experiences, providing readers with a glimpse into her world. The book is written in English and is relatively short, making it an easy read for those looking for a quick story.

One of the benefits of this book is that it manages to exceed the low expectations set by some readers. Despite initial concerns about the potentially lascivious nature of the book, it turns out to be better than anticipated. The story, although forced at times, manages to hold the reader’s interest and provides a satisfactory reading experience.


One of the main drawbacks of Sandra-Model: An American Romance is the forced narrative. Some readers found that the book seemed to have a predetermined storyline, which took away from the potential for a more interesting fictionalized quasi-biography of the character. Additionally, the book heavily implies the involvement of an undefined “Russian mafia” as the story’s sole antagonist, which may be off-putting for some readers.

Another drawback is the writing style. Some readers found the plot and writing to be just okay, while others felt that the scene jumps and teasers were jarring. Additionally, the inclusion of dead web links within the book was disappointing and added to the overall negative reading experience.

Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, Sandra-Model: An American Romance has received mixed feedback. Some readers found the book to be better than expected, while others were disappointed with the writing and plot. One reviewer mentioned that the book was not well-written, and another stated that the author is clearly not a writer.


In conclusion, Sandra-Model: An American Romance is a book that may appeal to readers looking for a quick and easy read. While it has its drawbacks, such as a forced narrative and jarring scene jumps, it manages to exceed low expectations and provide a satisfactory reading experience. However, potential readers should be aware of the implications of Russian mafia involvement and the inclusion of dead web links within the book. Overall, it is an average book that may or may not resonate with every reader.

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