Tabs Chocolate Bars Review

Break, Bite, Bang! Kick it up a notch in bed with your partner with Tabs’ mood chocolate. Just half a square of our mood enhancing chocolate will work in the background, helping you take the intensity of your intimate experience to the next level! Dark Chocolate With An Oomph! We add an exciting blend of ingredients that serves as support for women & men; you won’t ever want to go back once after experiencing our chocolate. Our mood boost chocolates have a couple-friendly design, coming with 3 chocolate squares per box. Packed With The Good Stuff: Enriched with vegetarian and natural ingredients, this energy mood enhancer is rich, flavorful, and works for all genders. 60% cocoa, Epimedium, Maca Root & DHEA make our mood balance chocolates as safe, effective, and dynamic as possible! Supports Endocrine Function: Mood lifting isn’t the only game-changing benefit of Tabs. Besides serving as male & female support, these chocolates help stimulate blood flow, increase sensitivity, and promote balance for truly stimulating intercourse. Tabs is made in our fully FDA-compliant facility in North Venice, Florida, and undergo rigorous quality control inspections. All of our ingredients are sourced through our trusted, USA-based ingredient suppliers. Tabs Chocolate BarTabs Chocolate Bar

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Tabs Chocolate Bars are a unique product designed to enhance mood and performance. The chocolate is enriched with vegetarian and natural ingredients, making it suitable for both men and women. The product is designed to support endocrine function, stimulate blood flow, and increase sensitivity, promoting a truly stimulating experience. However, customer reviews have been mixed. Some users found the chocolate to taste good but noticed no significant effects, while others experienced positive results. The packaging and presentation of the product were praised for their couple-friendly design and luxurious feel. However, some customers found the price to be high for the perceived benefits. Overall, Tabs Chocolate Bars offer an intriguing concept with a blend of ingredients aimed at enhancing intimate experiences, but individual results may vary.

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