Techna Clip – Beretta Nano .9MM – Conceal Carry Belt Clip Review

Why buy a Techna Clip? Our unique Concealment System helps you eliminate the bulk, printing, and discomfort of your daily conceal-carry sidearm. Techna Clip is a Minimalist Holster Solution for those who conceal carry. Included: Tapped and threaded Steel Replacement Pin, Tempered Belt Clip made from High Carbon Spring Steel plated with Black Teflon Stone Coat 5100, 2 screws (1 extra), 2 locking washers (1 extra), 1 Allen wrench. Fast and Simple Install with NO gunsmithing required. Installs on the right side of the sidearm. Compatible with Beretta Nano .9MM models, not compatible with other Beretta models. Durable Belt Clip is spring tempered and made specifically for the Beretta Nano, plated with Black Stone Coat 5100 Teflon to give a protective buffer between the clip and the sidearm. Backed by Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty, and amazing Customer Service. Over 130,000 Techna Clips SOLD to Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, and Civilians worldwide. This is the best accessory ever developed for concealed carry. Purchase this for all of mine and love everything about it. Forget the bulky holsters, make the switch to this, you won’t regret it! Stays on tight, not a single issue ever. Only downside is the fact you have to take it off to push the pin to disassemble, but I can live with that, because this is the best! The clip goes all the way to the very back of the gun so when it is fully on your pants it is completely flush with your pantline. This may be a positive for some but very quickly I realized that in a situation where I would NEED to draw my firearm, it would be nearly impossible to get it out of my pants. The clip is also very tight and it was very difficult to clip onto pants. I bent mine back a little so that it would slide on and off easier. Be careful if your gun does not have a safety. I typically carry with a round chambered but since my gun doesn’t have a safety I did not feel comfortable with the gun being exposed in my pants just waiting for a wrinkle or chair or something to accidentally catch hold of the trigger. Easy alternative for conceal carry. Mounts easy without any issues. Self-tapping screw holds it in place. The only limitation is that it’s a straight up & down positioning. It’s difficult to place for a cross draw. I would recommend practicing drawing as the clip is very strong (which is a good thing) but can take an additional second. Device sucks for my nano. Screw continuously backs out and leaves the clip wiggly and unsecured even though I followed the instructions to the letter. Don’t buy this. Clip worked just fine with the Nano. Was a little effort to get it mounted, but was very solid once on. My only issue was that once Techna Clip was mounted (right side mount), the firing pin release button is completely covered by the clip and you can no longer access the button. Unless you want to dry-fire your Nano every time you take a round out of the chamber (which Beretta discourages), this was a deal breaker for me and I ended up returning it. Hard to believe only one other person has noticed this. I am not a huge guy, so often holsters are tough for me to conceal even with the small size of the Nano. I have been looking at the Taurus Curve due to its built-in clip, but there was a lot to the pistol I didn’t like so I thought I would try this first. Wow! So easy to put on, barely changes the look and feel of the pistol, and gives your sidearm a whole new level of versatility. A no-brainer upgrade in my opinion! Best purchase for a ccw. I have these on almost every one of the wifeys firearms from a bodyguard to xds to Beretta nano. They work great. Easy to install and eliminate having to wear an IWB holster. Super simple and just works. Doesn’t get in the way of operation. Absolutely good purchase. This was a great kit. I feel very comfortable carrying my LCP with a round in the chamber with it rigged like this. It is great for extreme deep concealment since there is no holster to make the gun thicker on the hip. I’m still able to get a good grip on the gun when drawing. I shortened the leash to where it is just long for the gun to fit back through when connecting it to my belt loop. Having the trigger guard is great for handling the gun to avoid negligent discharges. A round can be chambered and unchambered with knowing your finger won’t pull the trigger.

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