The Met Flex Diet: Burn Better Fuel, Burn More Fat – Customer Review

The Met Flex Diet: Burn Better Fuel, Burn More Fat – Customer Review

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The Met Flex Diet: Burn Better Fuel, Burn More Fat is a book written by Dr. Ian K. Smith, a renowned medical expert and author of numerous bestselling health books. This book offers a powerful six-week plan to burn fat more efficiently by improving metabolic flexibility.

The human body has the amazing ability to switch which fuels it uses for energy based on what fuel is available at the time—researchers call this metabolic flexibility. The Met Flex Diet focuses on improving metabolic flexibility through changing the types and quantities of food/beverages consumed, as well as the type of exercise. It also emphasizes the importance of timing, both in terms of meals and exercise.

In just six weeks, readers can experience amazing fat-burning results by following simple guidelines provided in the book. Some of the key recommendations include eating the first meal of the day three hours after waking, completing a fasted cardio workout within the first two hours of waking, getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, and finishing dinner two hours before going to sleep.

The book provides meal and exercise plans, as well as recipes, to support readers in achieving their weight loss goals. The Met Flex Diet offers a comprehensive approach that focuses on regular food and does not require special ingredients or complicated meal preparations.


  • Provides a clear and easy-to-follow plan for improving metabolic flexibility
  • Includes meal and exercise plans, as well as recipes
  • Emphasizes the importance of timing in meals and exercise
  • Offers a customizable approach that can be adapted to individual preferences
  • Supportive online community through the Facebook group


  • Some readers found the plan to be convoluted and confusing
  • Requires dedication and commitment to follow the recommended guidelines
  • May be challenging for individuals with limited time or budget for groceries

Overall, The Met Flex Diet: Burn Better Fuel, Burn More Fat is a comprehensive and well-researched book that provides valuable insights and guidance for improving metabolic flexibility and achieving weight loss goals. While some readers found the plan to be complex, many others have experienced significant success and transformation. It is important to note that individual results may vary, and it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or exercise program.

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