The Never King Review

The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe is a captivating and dark reimagining of the classic Peter Pan tale. The story follows the Darling women, who have mysteriously disappeared on their 18th birthdays for two centuries. The protagonist, Winnie Darling, faces the same fate on her 18th birthday, as the Never King and the Lost Boys come for her. The book is filled with suspense, romance, and vivid descriptions of Neverland.

One of the most notable aspects of The Never King is its ability to keep readers engaged. The plot is enthralling, and the characters are well-developed. The book has received praise for its ‘spicy’ romance, which adds an extra layer of intensity to the story. The author’s writing style is easy to read, making it a page-turner from the very first page.

– Gripping and well-developed plot
– Engaging and vivid descriptions of Neverland
– ‘Spicy’ romance adds intensity to the story
– Easy-to-read writing style

However, some readers have noted that the book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving them eager for the next installment. Additionally, while the ‘spicy’ romance has been praised, some readers felt that it could have been further developed.

– Ends on a cliffhanger
– Some readers desired more development in the ‘spicy’ romance

Overall, The Never King is a compelling read that offers a fresh perspective on the beloved Peter Pan story. It successfully blends dark fantasy elements with romance, creating a captivating narrative. The book’s vivid descriptions and engaging plot make it a must-read for fans of fairy tale retellings. If you’re looking for a darker, grittier version of Peter and Wendy, The Never King and the Lost Boys is a captivating choice.

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