Twisted Games: A Forbidden Royal Bodyguard Romance Review

Twisted Games: A Forbidden Royal Bodyguard Romance is a captivating and enthralling novel that seamlessly blends forbidden love, intense passion, and well-executed tropes. The book revolves around Princess Bridget and her bodyguard, Rhys Larsen, and their forbidden romance that is filled with secrecy, tension, and undeniable chemistry.

Twisted Games: A Forbidden Royal Bodyguard Romance

One of the standout features of this book is the deep emotional connection between Rhys and Bridget. Their interactions are filled with banter, tension, cuteness, jealousy, and an abundance of spice. The characters’ evolution and their journey from forbidden attraction to a passionate romance are beautifully portrayed, making the readers swoon, giggle, and blush alongside the characters.


  • Well-executed forbidden romance trope
  • Adorable and swoon-worthy romance between the lead characters
  • Deep emotional connection and character development
  • Presence of other endearing characters from the series


  • Some readers found parts of the story to be repetitive
  • Desire for more build-up and slow burn in the romance

Twisted Games is an outstanding addition to the Twisted series, surpassing its predecessor in terms of storytelling and character development. Even if you were lukewarm about the first book, this one is undoubtedly worth a read. Ana Huang has crafted a beautiful, swoon-worthy romance that will stay with readers long after they’ve turned the final page.

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