Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch Review

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The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch is a powerful and intelligent multisport watch that offers a range of features to enhance your training and race-day performance. Let’s dive into the details to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Features and Benefits:

The ELEMNT Rival is designed to simplify tracking and enhance performance. It offers touchless transition, allowing you to automatically track your T1 and T2 times during triathlons without interacting with the watch. The watch also provides 24/7 data tracking, including heart rate, steps, and calorie information, to optimize fitness workouts and training goals.

One of the standout features is the seamless multisport handover, enabling the sharing of race data between the Rival watch and ELEMNT bike computers without the need to push a button. Additionally, the watch allows for planned workouts, with pre-loaded Wahoo Sports Science designed sessions or the option to sync your TrainingPeaks account for personalized training calendars.

The ELEMNT Rival boasts a large color display with an ambient light sensor, ensuring visibility in any light condition. The Perfect View Zoom feature allows users to focus on specific workout data, while the Gorilla Glass construction ensures durability and impact resistance.


  • Powerful multisport features
  • Touchless transition for triathlons
  • 24/7 data tracking
  • Seamless multisport handover
  • Planned workouts with TrainingPeaks integration
  • Ambient light sensor and Perfect View Zoom
  • Durable Gorilla Glass construction


  • Step counter accuracy issues reported by some users
  • Some users experienced difficulties with music control feature
  • Minor complaints about the quality of the product construction

Customer Feedback:

The customer feedback for the ELEMNT Rival is mixed. While some users praise its brilliant performance, ease of setup, and seamless integration with other Wahoo products, others have raised concerns about step counter accuracy, music control issues, and perceived product quality.

Despite the drawbacks, many users appreciate the watch’s battery life, multi-sport functionality, and the game-changing auto transition feature. The TrainingPeaks integration and the clear, bright display have also received positive mentions.

Final Verdict:

The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Running/Multisport GPS Smartwatch offers a compelling set of features for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. While it has received some criticism regarding certain aspects of its performance and construction, its powerful multisport capabilities, seamless data tracking, and integration with other Wahoo products make it a worthy consideration for those seeking a versatile training companion.

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